What My Body Language Says About Me

What does our body language say about us? Especially us cautious skin warriors with restricted movement and at times limited mobility?

My body language

The mixed blessing that comes along with a skin condition that leaves us susceptible to infections is that as a community, we are very careful with what we touch. We are hyper-aware of all germs that touch or come near our bodies. Who knew that this would come in handy for this crazy pandemic! But years or even decades before anyone heard about COVID, our TSW/eczema communities have had to be so careful that many close friends, family, and even strangers comment that we are germaphobes.

It says I'm a germaphobe

Pre-COVID, I probably looked like the world was out to get me, and that any stray germ would be the end of this life as I know it. For over a decade now, I have been very careful with everything I come into contact with. If I had to be in a situation where I had no option but to interact with everything and everyone with bare hands, then I would lock it into my mind that I could not touch my face for however many hours until I am able to thoroughly wash my hands. But in situations (like running errands or hanging out with friends) where I had the option to not constantly touch everything around me, I know it seems as though I was mistrusting and afraid of this world. You will see me avoid touching any surfaces, using my sleeve-covered elbow to open and close doors, and pulling out my hand sanitizer if the occasion ever comes where I actually have to touch a surface with my bare skin. It seems as though I am afraid of people, and that I don’t know how to enjoy life. What’s irritating is that could not be farther from the truth!

I'm actually just careful

Me being hyper-aware and careful right now just shows how much faith I have in my healing. I will continue to be very careful in order to ensure that I am here once COVID dissipates and my skin is healed. I just love people so much! Since I have been suffering from this condition my entire life, I still do not know who I truly am, and I’m sticking around to find out. I have an inkling of who I might truly be underneath all this. I put my money on a down-to-earth performing artist with a free spirit. A gregarious person who can befriend anyone from any age group and socioeconomic standing. Someone who has been through hell and back and who has tales to tell and wisdom to share. Someone who just wants to travel the world, eat delicious food, watch live shows, meet new people, and experience life to its fullest in her beautifully healed skin. When I’m finally healed, that is what my body language will reveal about me, I’m certain of it.

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