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Do You Have an Eczema Care Team?

Until recently, I never really considered having an eczema care team. I wish I knew that was even a thing or possible to create.

Who could be part of your eczema care team?

An eczema care team is a group of individuals or community that supports you in caring for and managing your eczema.

Healthcare providers

Did you know that you could have more than one doctor supporting you with your eczema? Of course, this all depends on your financial stance and your insurance company. But yes - you can have multiple doctors who specialize in taking care of your eczema. This is something I recently learned about and wish I knew when I was suffering with moderate-to-severe eczema.

Family members and friends

Close family and friends can definitely be added to your eczema care team. For me, my parents and siblings have been a huge support in helping me deal with my eczema. Whether it was my mom cooking me dinner or my dad taking me to doctor's appointments or picking up meds, they each played a significant role in better managing my atopic dermatitis.

Not everyone has the luxury of having supportive family members and friends when living with a chronic condition, so if you do, cherish them, acknowledge them and the important role they play, not only in your life but in your healing.

Romantic partners

Following your family and friends, a romantic partner or husband/wife can be of great support to your team. Unlike your family members, if you live with your partner, your partner actually has a deeper inside scoop and personal view of what you go through day in and out of living with eczema. They may actually be able to see certain things like habits or ineffective techniques that you cannot see for yourself.

Be vulnerable with them in sharing how they can support you and your healing.


If you're a pet person or currently own a pet, you know the importance a pet could have on one's life. Pet's make a perfect team member! They can provide emotional support that humans cannot. Pets can provide safety, presence to the now, and a glimpse of hope.

That's what my family dogs do for me. I may be slightly allergic to them, but their cute whittle faces and paws make my condition bearable.

Eczema community

Those who are living with the same condition as you provide a different level of support than the rest of the people mentioned on this list. There is power in gathering up with others who are fighting the same battle as you. Seek specific members in the eczema community who you can relate to and inspire you to keep going. Join conferences like the National Eczema Association Eczema Expo or join my personal weekly support group throughout 2022.

Pastor/Spiritual teacher

I added this because my spiritual teacher- God - was my guiding force in keeping me faithful throughout my healing journey. Without God or a higher power, I don't think I would have been able to keep my faith and hopes high, especially when my body wasn't showing any improvement.


Yes - you. You are the most important player on your eczema care team. Without you and your self-advocacy, a team wouldn't even exist. Continue to stand for your health. Continue to love yourself so much that you just know you are worthy of the best treatment possible.

Overall, your eczema care team is there to do just that – CARE for YOU. They are there to care for and support you in their own, specialized ways. Build your team. Cherish your team. Strive with your team. Heal alongside your team.

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