A Little Bit More Optimism, a Little More Action!

Becoming a member of AtopicDermatitis.net is truly one of the best things that have ever happened for me. Odd in one respect, that it is due to the fact that I have had a chronic skin condition but nevertheless, so much positivity has been added to my life.

Where has the positivity come from?

I have been able to read/listen to other people's stories, engage in conversations online and privately. Because of this, it has enabled me to try out different medications. I have made different lifestyle choices thanks to the wonderful support from the community. For example, I have altered my diet a little thanks to the advice from another community member. Also, little domestic chores like washing up are done differently thanks to the community members.

I want to be more optimistic

Often, I have quite a pessimistic bent on my views around my eczema and the help that I have received over the years. It's understandable why anyone who has lived their life with a chronic condition may feel like this. However, perhaps it doesn't hurt to be a bit more positive. Worse things have happened at sea, as they say!

Doors have opened for me

Another great thing that has happened on the back of being part of this community is that other doors have opened for me. So, thanks to AtopicDermatitis.net, giving me the opportunity to write articles and create content in other ways, I have been offered a writing post. The job entails creating content around art and culture. This has allowed me to write about my favorite subjects: art and design, music, cinema, philosophy, and health and well-being. I am chuffed to the moon and back! And this is all thanks to the community. I am very grateful indeed.

Looking back

When I think about the state I was in back in the first lockdown, compared to where I am today, there is such a marked difference. My skin is currently being managed by a top specialist on Harley Street. My self-confidence has been given a boost. And of course, there have been the aforementioned opportunities that have come my way which has given me a real objective. If I had not heeded some of the superb advice from other members, things may have ended differently. For example, I do not think I would have had the confidence to attend an interview for this writing post. I would argue that I would not have had the energy to even look or think about going for anything.

I'm in a different place

My skin was so bad it was pulling me down mentally and physically. Now, finally, it feels like I have some kind of handle on things. The rain is starting to stop! "A little more optimism, a little more action," to alter slightly the famous Elvis Prestley song. This has to be my attitude moving forward. Sure, I am a realist, and I know things will be hard at times. My eczema has not gone away, it is just sleeping for now. I am trying my best not to wake him.

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