2019 Goals for Eczema

2018 was a groundbreaking year for me. It was a lot about discovering who I am and unhiding my eczema.

What did I do?

Shared my personal story

This past year, I have witnessed the power of consistently, and unapologetically, sharing my eczema story. Whether it be in person or across my social media channels, I have openly and vulnerably shown others how eczema has affected me. The goal has been and will always be to create inspiration, hope, and empowerment for my fellow eczema warriors.

Gained partnerships

In supporting me with pushing forward skin positivity, I’ve also had the opportunity to partner up with different organizations that are in alignment with my values and views of eczema. I have worked closely with the National Eczema Association, Health Union, and the My Skin Matters Campaign to support me in bringing value to our community. From facilitating a vision board workshop at NEA’s eczema expo to participating in the write up of a bill of rights for patients and caregivers and writing blogs about what I deem important for my viewers, and more, I am grateful to not have to do this alone.

Built a healing mindset

While giving and focusing on others is one of my favorite things to do, I also understand the concept of investing in myself so I can give more. Over the past three years, I have delved into learning more about myself: fears, doubts, passions, purpose… everything I can think of. Through different activities and daily practices like meditation, journaling, visualization, and more, I have been able to control my eczema mentally on a whole other level, creating a healing effect on the physical level.

2019 Goals

With 2019 coming up, I want to share with you my future goals for the eczema community:

Empower more warriors to share their story

People get to feel that they are not going through eczema by themselves. The only way to do this is by giving them an opportunity to find you. Don’t be afraid to share your story and give someone the gift of knowing they are not alone.

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See models and celebrities with eczema

I have yet to really hear or see models and celebrities discuss their eczema. Through a simple google search, I found out that celeb Tia Mowry, Nicole Kidman, and Kerry Washington all have stated at one point in their life that they suffered with eczema. Let’s get them to partner up with eczema-based organizations and make a greater difference!

Make eczema normalized in the media

As a kid, I wish I saw people on TV and magazines who had eczema. It would have made me feel normal and less lonely. I would love to see more representation of eczema in the media to show that it does not define who we are.

Have in person meet-up groups

While I enjoy interacting with eczema warriors online, there is a need and hunger to meet one another in person. Personally, I believe that human interaction and one-on-one connection are what creates a community. Check out the National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo coming up in July!

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Share 'Healing Mindset' formula

We all know eczema is more than just skin deep. It not only effects us physically, but also mentally and socially. In practicing and creating a healing mindset, I have been able to avoid many of the challenges warriors and caregivers face today, like anxiety, itching, scratching, flares, and more. That’s why my goal is to hold workshops on my Healing Mindset formula to empower others mentally on how to get through their eczema moment by moment.

What are your goals for the eczema community in 2019? Comment below about what changes you want to see in the future!

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