Eczema Makeup Recommendations From A Pro Eco Makeup Artist

Makeup can be an elusive concept when you have super sensitive skin and active flare-ups. Over the past 8 years, I have been a professional eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup artist and hairstylist and I have experimented with various types of beauty products and brands to see if there is anything safe enough for people with eczema like myself.

Testing makeup

It is easier to just avoid makeup altogether and probably healthier for your skin in the long run. But, I have actually experienced having healthy skin with certain types of ingredients and formulas after doing a lot of testing.

Makeup recommendations

To list all the products that I recommend would be quite long, so if you'd like to see what products I use in my professional makeup kit, feel free to check out my website and hover over the menu title What's In My Kit and go down to Makeup.

How to choose makeup

Here, I will share some general principles that I have developed to select safe cosmetics. I will also point out certain ingredients or qualities that I look for to reassure me that whatever product I choose to purchase will be more likely to be something that I can use on myself and my clients with confidence and not be a waste of money.

1. Cruelty-free organic makeup

The first thing I look for is to see if the company is at least cruelty-free if not also vegan and organic. I find that companies that have a strong environmental niche also tend to be more ethical with their ingredient choices and manufacturing processes. This seems to lend itself to creating products that are also safer for sensitive skin. These companies are more likely to choose quality and be considerate of potential consequences of using toxic ingredients on the skin over time.

2. Check makeup ingredients

Next, I look to see if there are still questionable ingredients despite the company having certifications or green labeling on their packaging.


Some questionable ingredients that I look to avoid are dimethicone which is a cosmetic silicone. It is known for creating an unbreathable layer on top of the skin which can lead to clogged pores and can irritate the skin from of the build-up of dirt underneath.


Other ingredients I avoid are carcinogens like parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol (which is another type of paraben).

Skin irritants

I also avoid other skin irritants like alcohol, also called parfum or fragrance, urea, mineral oil and petrolatum. These ingredients are suffocating for the skin and are known to cause acne and various types of breakouts but are commonly used to thicken formulas because they are very cheap and accessible materials.


Another ingredient in particular that I avoid is carmine which is a common red colorant sourced from crushed beetles. And this particular color is irritating because of other proteins in the blood of this insect. It's found in many lipsticks and even eyeshadow and blush colors like ruby red or different shades of purple. I have even seen it in for formulas for concealers and foundations.

3. Natural makeup ingredients

Finally, something I look for in quality makeup products are herbal botanicals and extracts that are known to heal the skin and beautify it naturally. Some of my favorite herbal friends in the beauty world are calendula, rose, and marshmallow root. All these herbs have a long record of softening the skin and evening skin tone as well as being very cooling and smoothing which is great if you have eczema and inflamed hot rashes.

Wearing makeup with eczema

Just because you have eczema does not mean that you can't participate in the beauty world. May these tips and insights arm you with more knowledge and direction when choosing which products are worth purchasing.

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