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Going Foundation Free with Atopic Dermatitis 

"Good skin care with atopic dermatitis can take some time and thought."
Translation: This may not be so easy.

We’ve been there and have learned a few tricks along the way. If you choose to wear makeup, whether it’s full foundation, or just some glamour, be sure and spend your money on the right product that will keep your skin soft and healthy. Your face should feel smooth and as blemish free as possible. For some of you, that may not be simple. In that case, I suggest going foundation free with atopic dermatitis.

My granddaughter wears foundation off and on. At first, she wore a heavier, and more expensive pancake type of makeup. She was able to find that flawless finish without any dryness or itching. She slowly began to try different brands. First she would test a friend’s brand. Occasionally, I would take her to a department store, or drug store. She has everything she needs to keep her skin clear of dry patches and pimples, but honestly, she goes makeup free, even on most school days.

Bare naked skin

Before spending your days with no makeup, it’s best to give it a little thought. With today’s environmental issues, you can’t always count on clean air around you. A little bit of protection is always helpful against possible toxins from pollutions, dirty air, and also from too much sunlight.

Sun protection

A light sunscreen gives multiple rewards. It protects you from the higher ultraviolet rays, and can also be a good source of moisture. When you choose, think about how it will look during the day. For example, if there is too much titanium oxide, it can make you look super pale. Unless you’re going for a total goth look, find one that has natural minerals in a base that dilutes the white tint for a better look.

Rosy cheeks

I always recommend a light moisturizer of some kind. It creates a protective barrier between you and the elements. Starting off with clean skin, try patting on a thin layer of moisturizer that you trust. It not only keeps layers of dust, dirt, and pollen from coming into direct contact with your skin, there are other benefits. It can keep dirt from getting into your pores, protecting you from blemishes. It also blocks free radicals. If there is sunscreen in it, so much the better!

Add some color

A tinted moisturizer adds just enough color to blur out some imperfections. It makes red patches less red, and white spots less noticable. We’ve found a tinted sunscreen that is a moisturizer too. We just got a department store sample and will let you know how that goes.

Super glam

If you want a look for work or out on the town add color. Just pencil in your eyebrows, or even add mascara for a brighter appearance. Swipe on some lipstick, and no one will even notice that you don’t have on full face makeup. Let your glow come through by going foundation free with atopic dermatitis. Your skin will be allowed to breathe. There may be less irritation from cosmetics, and with a little touch of eye makeup and lip color, you can be the prettiest one.

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