The Connection Between Mothers, Family Life, and Children Who Have Eczema

Our first relationship in life is with our mother in the womb. When our mothers were pregnant with us, we were connected to them in every way. Not only could they feel everything that we needed but we could feel everything that she was going through internally and externally, whether positive or negative.

A similar pattern

While there is still much scientific research to be done in how impactful the relationship between a mother and her child is while still in the womb, I thought I'd share this idea in this article because of a number of friends in the eczema community that I know of who have shared with me a similar pattern that they've noticed.

Stress during pregnancy

Ever since starting my Eczema Phoenix Youtube channel last year, I have come into contact with some really amazing warriors and at least 5 of them have shared with me that they know that their mother was going through stressful times financially and emotionally when they were pregnant with them.

Looking back

And if I look back, I realize that when my mom was pregnant with me she was dealing with a lot of stress both financially and in her relationship with my father. They were both struggling to find work and after she immigrated to the United States to marry my father, she found out that he had feelings for another woman.

A stressful upbringing

It's really kind of sick and sad because when I was little, I was really depressed, and angry about my eczema and how much my parents kept arguing. I remember questioning them multiple times about why they even had me. What was the point of having me if I was going to be in this much pain physically and emotionally seeing how unhappy they were together?

Making tough choices

But, now I see how much resilience my mom had to have to keep herself together enough for the family and to keep herself from leaving my father which I gave her my blessing to do when I was seven years old, but she never did. And now that I am where I am in life emotionally and socially, I really appreciate her not giving up on me and the family. Though, she always had my blessing to leave my father.

Can a stressful pregnancy lead to baby eczema?

The stress that a baby experiences when the family is going through a lot of stress can take a toll on them. There is a very strong part of me that believes that all of that stress affected the development of my immune system while I was in my mom’s belly up until I was born. And that stress on my immune system continued because I saw my parents fight and argue all the time.

If they could not develop an understanding or skills to improve the situation, then I honestly believe they should at least have separated, had time apart to see if they could figure it out, or just have gotten divorced all together. This would have spared their child with eczema (me) from having even worse eczema. I know it's tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.

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