Arms are breaking free of leafy vines while autumn leaves are falling from the top of the frame.

Fall: An Eczema Patient’s Best Friend

Fall! What a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures begin to cool down, the leaves start to change (at least in Michigan!), football is back, and of course, who can forget the cider mills? If you couldn’t tell by now, fall is without a doubt my favorite season. That’s not to say that I dislike the others, but rather the season provides me with a certain degree of comfort that the others do not offer.

Why do I love fall?

Growing up, I’d anxiously wait for this time of the year. Sure, fall offers a strong appeal to many folks, but for me, my bond with the season goes much deeper than the surface reasons that many people share. There is something about the fall that is calming to me. Perhaps it’s because I feel released from the tethers that the summer has placed on my body and mind. As time goes on, that sentiment dwindles, but at its root, it still holds true.

Was I experiencing seasonal depression in the summer?

As a child, I recall feeling trapped in my own “eczema prison.” Historically, the summer has always wreaked havoc on my skin. Between the irritating sweat and allergens, I was pretty much always in a state of discomfort. I’d spend most of my days inside reading or playing video games in the air conditioning to pass the time. I was always anxious about going outside because I didn’t want my skin to get worse, nor did I want to explain to my peers why I had rough, red, skin covering the entirety of my body. It took many years of stepping outside of my comfort zone before I was finally able to push those negative thoughts out of my mind. I guess you could say I experienced seasonal depression during the summer months.

How does the changing season help my eczema?

Once fall was in the air, my mood would suddenly change. I felt free to experience the outdoors and be more social with my peers. I’d spend my time riding around on my bike, playing soccer, and getting into mischief with my friends. I primarily credit the swing in my demeanor to the fact that it’s much cooler outside during the fall; which in turn, allowed me to wear clothes that would cover my skin from unwanted eyes. It might not seem like much, but that simple barrier made a world of change to my mental state. The crispness of the air was also very refreshing to me. It provided a much-welcomed change from the humidity that we often experience here in Michigan. Not to mention the fall frost would kill all of the plants and flowers and I could finally feel some relief from my seasonal allergies.

Have my thoughts changed through the years?

Now that I’m an adult, and my skin is for the most part clear thanks to Dupixent, I find that I do not experience these same thoughts and emotions as often as I have in the past. However, one thing has remained consistent over the years...

The fall can be an eczema patient’s best friend.

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