What I Would Do If I Didn't Have Eczema

If I woke up tomorrow morning and every single bit of my eczema was completely gone. No dry skin, no flakes, no cuts or sores, no scars, I think I would explode with happiness. I do often fantasize about this. It would be better than amazing! When I find myself in this dream state of pure bliss, I also wonder what sort of things I would be doing and whether or not I would be a different person.

Just a fantasy

If this were a film, it would probably now cut to me walking super confidently through a busy office in a sharp suit, hair gelled back in a way that screamed, "I’m in charge here, and nothing’s going to stop me!" People would be vying for my attention saying, "Good morning Mr. Bunting." A glamorous female handing me a Cappuccino and the notes for the morning agenda, giving me a knowing smile that said, “See you after work, kiddo.” Then the music would come to a screeching halt, and the realization of my dream would be cut short to a view of me sitting here at my keyboard literally smothered in eczema wearing my PJs, rain splattering against the windowpane.

The effects of living with eczema

On a serious note, my life would probably be hugely different. Having had eczema all my life has meant that I have had difficult relationships. I have pushed people away. I have made excuses for not attending social events. I have taken jobs that have meant little or no contact with people. Eczema has really inhibited me from making certain life choices. I take my hat off to any eczema warriors out there who have gone on to do brilliant and wonderful things with their life but unfortunately, that has not been the case for me. That said, I am extremely grateful for the good things in my life. It could have been much, much worse! So I also know how fortunate I have been in other areas of my life.

What would I be doing?

Who knows what paths I would have taken if I did not have this severe condition. I like to think that I would have taken more risks, more challenges, perhaps had a career working in marketing or music. I think the biggest difference would be that I would be more sociable all around. But hey, we are who we are! It is interesting to think about what things we would have done differently. It's not really my dream to be waltzing through a busy office as a smarmy, creepy egomaniac, but I do think the confidence levels would be turned up to eleven, and that would be a great feeling to have. Wouldn't it? Actually, if they were turned up to six and a half...that'll do!!

A reminder to myself

Note to self: Be more positive; life is amazing! We need to savor every last second of it. This gives me more hope than anything. As one of my musical heroes, David Bowie, once famously said, "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."

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