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How Can Eczema Be A Confidence Booster?

Dare to be different! I love the skin you’re in! Be bold! There are so many positive quotes that can be thought of to build up self-confidence, but realistically it takes time and deep self-examination to begin to feel beautiful even when you do not meet societal terms.

What is beauty?

It takes a lot of strength and love to overlook what’s constantly staring you in the face as “ugly.” That is why I strongly believe that beauty has nothing to do with external appearance. Maybe the words pretty, cute, or even gorgeous are great physical descriptive words, but, in my opinion, an understanding of true beauty is fully about the inside. There is a difference between feeling beautiful and being beautiful, and some of the most attractive people on this planet can agree with that.

Confidence and self-love

Confidence is key no matter what you are going through and no matter if you fit the status quo of attraction or not. To have done the work to love yourself no matter what you look like through the good and bad, especially as women where you’re forcefully bombarded with other people's perspective of beauty daily, is exactly the confidence level that eczema can bring you to.

Trying to fit society's definition of beauty

As eczema sufferers, we are simply grateful to see clear skin, then on top of that, have to worry about if you fit a certain mode of beauty that is forced down your throat. It can be pure anxiety and obsession to look a certain way when your body is simply telling you it has bigger things to worry about. Once you realize that the time and pressure you are putting on yourself to wish away or cover a disease is one of the most counteractive things you can do for your eczema healing, you see the need to accept the act of surrender.

Accepting our "flaws"

Surrendering to the process and allowing time to move you into the right direction of healing gives us peace and acceptance of self that you may have never thought possible. There is a saying that says, “You find out who someone really is when things don’t go their way.” Well, that can be true of eczema as well. Undoubtedly, we may panic and cry when we feel our bodies are failing us, but how long will you let that control every aspect of your life?

Loving yourself

Confidence has everything to do with your internal views and thoughts of yourself, and it shines through externally no matter what your skin may look like. When you learn to love from the inside out, which eczema can guide you to reveal, there will eventually be very little that can knock you down or make you view yourself as less than.

Surviving the worst of my eczema

When I had to shave my hair bald due to it falling out from seborrheic dermatitis while also having bad face eczema, along with much loss of body weight to my already slim figure, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I did not have insecurities that surfaced. But because I prepared my mind and along with the research done, I had belief and confidence in the process I was going through. Therefore, I remained confident in the outside world and found many moments of beauty externally through the stages of my worst eczema journey.

Building confidence in myself

I built a brand new relationship with myself. As I work hard to continue rebuilding my external figure, in every stage of that, I have confidence because I know that my beauty comes from within, and there is not a sickness or anyone that can take that away. I hope that you allow your eczema to be your confidence booster too.

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