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A pair of feet with clear masks on them, surrounded by botanical elements.

Foot Mask Review

I almost didn’t recognize my own feet and still almost don’t. They are much smoother than usual, even with my regular ritual of applying creams and lotions right after my shower, then repeating the process a few minutes later.

It was time to try a foot mask

I noticed a foot mask at the drugstore recently. Made by Aveeno, my old standby for most things skin-related. I had discovered hand masks after receiving one as a gift. It had felt wonderfully nourishing for the dry, cracked skin on my fingers. Never having tried a foot mask before, I thought it was time to treat myself. Especially now when COVID-19 is keeping me away from my pedicure. It’s convenient and not quite as nice as a pampering pedicure, but a good substitute for now and probably will be a good in-between when I’m able to go again.

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Which foot mask did I use?

I tried the Aveeno Repairing CICA foot mask, dermatologist recommended, enriched with prebiotic oat & shea butter helps repair extra-dry skin. Paraben and fragrance-free, 1 pair, single-use. It was $4.99 Canadian, but I have since seen them on sale online.

Oops, I missed!

There are two plastic booties, each with a thin inner sock containing the treatment. Do I dare admit, when I put the first one on, I didn’t get inside the inner sock liner. When I looked at it, I realized I had only plastic against half of my foot and two layers of thin fabric on the other half! I need to pay more attention. But it was only a matter of taking it off and starting again, this time making sure my foot went inside the actual sock.

Don’t try and walk around in these. Feet encased in a thin sock inside plastic similar to a lightweight trash bag are not going to keep you upright!

What did it feel like?

There’s no noticeable scent, which my allergic eyes appreciated. It didn’t seem oily, but more just silky and moisturizing. It absorbed well in the allotted 10 minutes and was almost like using a wet wrap for my eczema, only better and much easier. I had no adverse allergic reaction, thank goodness, as I jumped right in with both feet. Not even on my ankle, with that one patch of eczema that’s always there.

Did I run into any problems?

I found the little sticky tabs that fasten it around the ankle could have used more adhesive. One stuck, the other did not. I massaged the product into my feet for a minute to make sure it went everywhere, then continued on with my normal after-shower routine before removing the booties. I then quickly massaged the remaining bit into my skin until it was completely absorbed.

What would I do differently?

I wish I had thought to keep the used pair, as they still contained plenty of product. I could have done it again the next day! Although truth be told, my feet still felt great the next day, and now a few days later, still fairly soft. The eczema patch on my ankle is no worse and seems slightly less dry.

The only negative I’ve found is that I’m adding more plastic to the landfill. If they were compostable, they’d be perfect! I plan to use them perhaps twice a month in spring to get ready for sandal season.

Let us know If you’ve tried them or something similar. I’m curious if there are other good ones out there worth trying.

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