Gifts for an Eczema Sufferer

This time of year is full of good intention and giving. Many of our loved ones are wanting to make their gifts count, especially for us as their "skin" friend.

I can't tell you how many times the people I love try to find me skin remedies, awaiting my excitement as I open their gift. But it's not that simple, nor easy. Our skin is the elephant in the room sometimes, and it may help our loved ones to know a few good resources to pull from if they wish to buy us gifts related to our skin.

It not only would allow them to feel like they are actually helping us out, but we would be getting the things that we need, too.

Weighted blanket

Eczema carries with us much more than just skin pain. My anxiety and discomfort some days are through the roof. A weighted blanket feels like such a neat way to say "I see you" from a friend. It's not about our skin, but us as functioning human beings.

I asked for one this year. I can't wait to try it. The weight of the blanket is meant to assuage anxiety. But two things. One, it needs to be the correct weight. I weigh about 125 lbs, which means I needed a 12 lb. blanket. Getting one too heavy is not good for you. Also, check the fabrics. They make different ones, which are helpful. There is a bamboo one available that is probably great for anyone eczema-prone made by Luxome. Let's see if it even helps lower the itch at night!

Red light therapy

I was floored when I saw Alexis' post on how much her red light therapy machine worked for her face! Yes, they can be expensive, but the results speak for themselves!

I would be wary about getting ones that aren't medical grade Lots of scams out there! Maybe try Omnilux Red Light Mask? Oh, and use it as directed. I think this is a gift that will keep on giving!

Small business eczema entrepreneurs

Speaking of Alexis, so many amazing men and women with eczema have lent us their talents! Giving back to the community that understands our needs is vital and so lovely! Here are some stellar businesses created by those who KNOW eczema and wish to help the community with their balms, beauty, or just a fun laugh.

  • Lazy Babe Co.
  • Elaj Cream
  • The Home Herbalist (on Etsy)
  • Moana Bikini
  • CJay Serum

There are so many more, but these are just a few!

Dead sea salt

If your family or friends are adamant about getting you something for your actual skin, dead sea salt baths are the place to be! They can get a nice woven basket, fill it with a few Dead Sea salt bags, and wrap it up with a bow. It may seem plain for a gift, but it is extremely helpful and a beautiful thought. Heck, throw in a rubber ducky for fun!

Hobby gifts or crafts

This one is varied amongst everyone. Let your friends and family know the things you love, the things that bring you peace. Maybe that's some paints and colors, or scrapbooking, or app purchases on your phone to keep your hands busy from the itch. These are thoughtful gifts that allow us to find a breath during any anxiety or distress.

The biggest gift

Honestly, the best thing one can give is communication: a happy, listening ear. In order to best serve others and be there for each other, we have to be good listeners and observers. Don't give loved ones things you want to give them, but things they need - be it time, a service, or a product.

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