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Holiday Gift Ideas for Eczema Warriors

After such a long year which I thought would never end, it is finally ending. As the holidays creep up on us, there comes laughter, joy, and excitement. I love the months of October, November, and December. These are the best months to me because people tend to be in a good mood and everyone is closer with their families. When it comes to the holidays, there always comes sharing of meals, presents, and giving each other time to be at peace. I have noticed during the holidays I tend to give out a lot of presents and be more present at the moment.

It is important to think of details when gifting someone with a skin condition like eczema and psoriasis. Give people something they will like but be careful with their condition; remember that some products might affect them. I always like to include the gift receipts so they can return the item if they don't like it.

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Gift cards

When in doubt, buy a gift card. This way, the person can buy whatever they might need. It makes it easy for you because you don't have to stress about the person liking the gift. Also, the person doesn't need to return the gift if they don't like it.

NEA approved eczema-friendly products

When thinking about purchasing skincare products, I tend to go to stores that have products verified by the National Eczema Association. This way, I can buy top-quality products tailored for eczema warriors.

Essential oils

My personal favorite thing to do is buy essential oils. Doterra is the only brand I tend to buy. I have tried other essential oils, but they are cheaper, and I tend not to like the scents. I have found that lavender is my favorite scent I like to smell from time to time in my day. It allows me to recharge and continue with my day. Also, the smell is very delightful and brings you instant relaxation. There are plenty of options out there for different kinds of symptoms.

Self care services

Self-care is so important when battling daily with a chronic skin condition. By giving the gift of a pedicure, manicure, blowout, haircut, or massage, the person will be able to relax. Eczema is very much correlated to stress which is why it is important to keep stress at ease. Also, who doesn't love to be pampered and feel rejuvenated?

Quality time

The ability to enjoy each other's company is more valuable sometimes than any gift out there. As eczema warriors, we tend to be isolated a lot due to the complexities of our skin. Sometimes just being with someone and spending quality time together is enough. Everyone has a busy schedule, but taking time out of your day for that person can mean so much more than a gift.

Happy healing warriors!

I wish you all very happy holidays with your loved ones. Also, I want you to feel energized and loved.

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