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Skincare Golden Nuggets

More relief is here! I imagine we all have our “go-to" remedial products that support us, whether in a flare or for daily maintenance. Since we are navigating this life in different climates, parts of the world, changing seasons, and various environments, I wanted to offer my fave golden nuggets that I rely on in my daily regime.

Products my skin can depend on

I have come to trust their proven loyalty and trustworthiness, especially when it comes to products I can depend on. So, if you know about them already, maybe it's just an exclamation that they might already be one of your friends! If you aren't familiar with them, I love sharing my faves, especially when it brings relief. As I imagine you will agree, sharing on this road can be life-saving.

It's all trial and error

To note, as we all have our sensitivities and allergies, always check ingredients to ensure that this feels right for you. With that said, I have found that so much has been trial and error, and this is just part of the road we travel, so here goes!

Avène Cicalfate cream

Being super-duper sensitive, the Avène Cicalfate cream has been a keeper. I use it on my face during flares, as I never use steroid cream on my face. It really does smooth, soothe, and help calm the dry red patches. While it is a thicker cream, it's still moisturizing. I have tried their hypersensitive skin line, too, though after trying a number of Avène's products, the winners for me are this Cicalfate and drum roll…Eau Thermale spring water spray.

How I use these products

I use this twice a day after I wash my face, and it really softens the skin. I follow with moisturizer! It is also a great refresher to carry around throughout the day for some added skin moisture. We don't have to go to France to get the benefits of Thermal water, so healing for the skin.

Refresh eye drops

Being in a clinical trial, I do experience some reactions in my eyes. Sometimes it turns to conjunctivitis; sometimes, it's just red and itchy. For many years I used Refresh, even the preservative-free individual drops, though the last few months, I have discovered a homeopathic line called Similasan. They have a number of different remedies, including allergy relief, stye, dry eye, complete eye relief, pink eye.

Homeopathic options

The one I always keep handy in my purse and at home is for redness and itchy eye relief. As a fan of homeopathy, these are amazing and safe to use as often as needed.

Colloidal silver gel and spray

While there IS some controversy regarding colloidal silver spray, I have used it for many years, and I've never had a problem. I think what's important, like with any product, is to use it mindfully. Low and slow is my motto.

Why I choose to use colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is made up of micro silver particles suspended in ultra pure water. It is highly effective because it can fight infection, so I take it orally for the gut and to enhance immunity. I take this daily along with the colloidal silver nasal spray, especially great to spray when going out amongst the COVID-19 virus as it's anti-bacterial.

How I use the gel and nasal spray

I use the spray as a stand-alone or add a ½ cupful to the water in my neti pot for cleaning bacteria from my sinuses daily. It has seriously helped with allergy symptoms! That's not all. My absolute number one is the colloidal silver gel. It is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, commonly used to treat skin infections and burns to accelerate healing. About 12 years ago, a holistic doctor had given this to me for my eczema flare-ups, and I have been using it ever since. It is also available mixed with various other healing topical skin agents, such as aloe vera. This combo helps relieve symptoms while also helping bacteria and yeast on the skin, which can itch!

Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea-buckthorn oil is an extraordinary oil that reduces scabs while healing the wounds that eczema can create. It's a true moisturizing oil that prevents dryness. It has no fragrance and absorbs quickly. It contains omega-3 and 7, which have all been researched to help eczema.

How I use the oil

It can be used topically alone or mixed with other oils, creams, and lotions to enhance the moisture. Personally, I go between using it mixed with my moisturizer or dab a few drops on my fingertips and gently pat it over my facial cream to set in the moisture. All the way around, it's very nourishing.

Bon Vitale Complete cream

I use this delicious cream on my entire body, and SURPRISE! Bon Vitale Complete is a massage cream. It is hypoallergenic, contains arnica extract, marula, olive, avocado, and jojoba oil with vitamin E and, has amazing hydration. It has other extracts that soothe inflamed skin. It is fragrance, paraben, and cruelty-free. This cream feels so yummy!! While Bon Vitale does make other creams for sensitive skin, I have been using this for many years, including during my roughest and toughest times with highly inflamed eczema. I consider it a best-kept secret .

I would love to hear some of your favorite skincare golden nuggets!

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