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Four droppers of essential oils with surrounding herbs and floral elements.

Oils I've Been Loving Lately

I have eczema so my skin is much less than perfect. Although it’s recently been responding to my Crohn’s treatment, I still battle with the dryness and that’s something I don’t ever anticipate changing. Having dry skin has always been a huge burden on my life. I’ve purchased so many products with the hope of relieving it, but it never really seems to go away completely. Certain areas will respond to one thing, but no product works for it all.

Trying to find products that work

Up until this point, I’d tried just about everything available in Walmart. Certain brands I love, some my body loves, and some are just a flat out - no! The brands I do love never really seem to tame the dryness long term, but they work for a while and I’d re-apply when needed. That actually isn’t the worst, but it is annoying. I want a product that’s a one and done! I can apply it and go about my day…that’s where the oils come in.

Trying oils on my face didn't work

I’ve always loved oils to be honest...but I never loved them for me. My face is really odd, it’ll be super dry, but as soon as I apply a heavy product, it will hit overload and break out. That is one of the things I hate the absolute most about my body. For years I thought, “If this is how my face responds, it must be how my entire body responds.” WRONG. I’ve since determined that my face is simply extra sensitive so while it may not benefit from other products, my body certainly would.

Using different oils for different reasons

So I decided to start using oil and haven’t looked back since. In the past, I questioned why there were so many oils and the purpose for each, but I’ve honestly found it best to try them out and see how they work for you. There are really no rules when it comes to oils, but here’s my favorite and how I’ve been using them in my routine.

Oils I love to use for eczema

  • Coconut: It has to be in liquid form for me. The solid may work but doesn’t feel as good during the application process. I also haven’t actually tried it. But I absolutely love to apply coconut oil after a nice, long shower.
  • Rose Oil: Only a little. Too much will likely aggravate your skin. I mostly apply to my neck. Love for the scent! Very light, but pleasant.
  • Lavender: Really helps with my sleep. As someone who really struggles to fall asleep at night, I can personally say this particular product has worked wonders in my life. So grateful for it.
  • Olive Oil: I get a special brand from the beauty supply store. It doesn’t smell or feel like a “regular” bottle of olive oil. It also comes with the application top. I mostly apply to my scalp and it absolutely feels like heaven! I’m not sure if I have eczema on my scalp or not, but if so, it’s working for it!

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