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Cost Effective Tips When Trying New Products

I have spent thousands of dollars throughout my experience with treating my eczema. If only I had saved all the receipts I would know how much I have truly spent on products that worked and some that didn't work. As an eczema patient, I am always looking for cost-effective products that will benefit my skin.

It wasn’t until recently that I have changed the ways in which I buy products that tend to be a bit more cost-effective for me.

Utilizing discounts

Discounts are always great. You are able to buy products at a much lower rate. Now that Black Friday is approaching I tend to look out what discounts the popular stores have. I look for products I already use on a daily basis and go from there. I have gotten good deals at stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Which were stores I used to not look for products in.

Clipping coupons

I have recently started couponing more. I look at the magazines I receive in the mail for coupons and look for deals online. An application that I am currently using is I have been able to find deals on various household and beauty items here. When I find a good deal I tend to go for the item or order it online. If you know how to coupon well enough, sometimes you can get the item almost for free.

Testing sample sizes

Many stores offer sample-size products either for free or at a much cheaper rate than the big size. When I go shopping at stores like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, or MAC I ask for sample sizes. Sometimes they are able to let me try the product and take a little one home. I explain to them about my condition and they are usually understanding of my concerns. Also, these stores already tend to have samples in which you can try the product which is also helpful.

Signing up for monthly subscriptions

Recurring charges have allowed me to receive the same product every month. In this method, I am able to save a few bucks than if I were to buy something every once in a while. Since I know I am going to be using this product it is more cost-effective to get the monthly subscription. If not I ended up running out and having to go to a local store to pay more for the product. Sometimes this specific product can be charged double the amount than if I were to get the subscription.

Stocking up

There are times when a certain product is cheaper and has bundle sales. When this happens I tend to stock up on a product I know I am going to need in the future. This allows me to have some already in stock and get it at a much affordable price.

Going to local stores

I have gone to local holistic and natural stores. I’ve talked with the owners and asked them if they are bringing in new items. I have been able to test some products that are going to be considered for eczema to add to the shelf. The owner wanted to get feedback from someone with eczema and ended up working out for me. Always remember to ask and sometimes you are able to try things for free. As long as you give them your result of the product.

Products that don't work out

There will be times when you buy a product and it doesn't work out for your skin. Sometimes I buy a product and I am not able to return it. When this happens I hand them out to family members or friends who don't have sensitive skin. This allows the product to not go completely to waste and someone still gets to enjoy it.

I hope some of these tips are helpful when looking to buy products.

Happy healing skin warriors!

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