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Last updated: May 2022

One of my favorite things to do is listen to podcasts. There are some pretty good ones on skin health (the Healthy Skin Show and The Eczema Podcast), but I am also super into Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness and Brene Brown (who has a couple of series').

Finding purpose

So, a couple of weeks ago, I listened to another one of Lewis Howes' incredible episodes on finding purpose. It specifically talks about meaning and finding your why. Sometimes, we live life just going through the motions and aren't cognizant or aware of how out of touch we are with ourselves. Self-awareness is the first step in creating an authentic and true purpose in our life.

Before TSW, topical steroid withdrawal, I had it all mapped out. But as you know, TSW (and severe eczema) can steal so much of that. We must either switch jobs, move cities due to weather, or even stress about silly little things like clothing material and which shampoo may irritate our skin.

However, this podcast begins with laying our cards flat on the table. You never know what hand you will be dealt, and not all hands are fair (harsh, harsh truth).

Positivitiy isn't always an option

In the trials of skin dysfunction, it is imperative to find our meaning. I aspired so long to be positive through it all, but as I approach 7 years of withdrawal (in the midst of a flare), positivity isn't always a card on the table, and that's okay.

Jay Shetty stated we might not feel positive all the time, but we can always find our MEANING. Plant that seed and watch it bloom.

Our past versus present

I love parts of my old self and miss them at times, but I definitely think there are pieces, gorgeous pieces, that TSW has offered me.

Robin Roberts said to make your mess your message. I feel like I already knew that in my heart. When we are gifted (yes, gifted - positive word association) with hard times, those times are meant for us. They are here to teach us and mold us into better versions of ourselves.

So, as much as we love celebrating our old selves, it is also important to celebrate us in the present.

Here are mine:

My old self:

  • How incredibly fit I was
  • That I had no care out in the sun, sweating
  • That I could enjoy the ocean/pool water without anxiety
  • I had tons of energy
  • Loved my career
  • My flexibility
  • My love for spontaneity
  • That I was so easy to depend on

Briana Banos wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit, sitting on a beach.

My present self:

  • My love for writing has blossomed
  • My love for advocacy has grown tenfold
  • I practice gratitude more often
  • I appreciate the small moments that would have passed me by before
  • The connection to our skin community
  • Meeting some of the best friends I never knew I needed
  • Getting to attend amazing expos and events that help grow my knowledge on skin and healing
  • Feeling more authentic
  • Learning who my tribe really is

Briana Banos sitting at a table with signage for ITSAN.

Make your list

Just sitting down and reflecting can really help your mood. I know it did for me. Count those blessings and lessons.

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