Why Is This Happening to Me?

As I was scrolling past my eczema Instagram feed, I saw a post that caught my eye. The post had a quote on it which stated, "Why is this happening to me?" And then below, it was crossed-out saying, "What is it teaching me?" This immediately made me have a flashback of my whole life and reflect on my eczema experiences.

A negative mindset

This resonated with me a lot because I would question myself for a long time when my eczema was more chronic. I would always ask myself: Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?  I never thought about it positively. I would always think about the negative things that had happened in my life and all the bad things I had done to people. I told myself it was karma for a long time because of all the bad things I had done in the past. I was manifesting bad things coming my way rather than thinking about the positive side of things.

What has eczema taught me?

The question was, "What is this actually teaching me?" I have learned many things by being part of the eczema community.

Listening to my body

I have learned to listen to my skin and body to understand my health better. As a sufferer, we are more likely to see changes and problems in our body quicker. We are more aware of our bodies and how they work. If I didn't have eczema, I wouldn't get my blood work done every month. I wouldn't keep up to date with my health problems. Also, I wouldn't have known that I have high eosinophilia.

Be kind to others

The second thing that eczema has taught me is to be kind to others. In the eczema community, we understand the importance of being there for one another and sticking together in bad times. When my eczema was at my worst, I would be kind to others in hopes of not being bullied by others due to my skin, even though people would still question my skin. I always told myself to be nice to those around you because you never know what they are going through.


The third most important thing eczema has taught me is to love myself. I have always struggled with loving myself, my skin, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and my personality. I've learned so much about myself and have gone through a lot of struggles. Yet, my skin has been so strong and has been through some tough times with me. I have had life-threatening skin infections, which almost cost me my life. Now I have come to appreciate my skin and love myself for the person I've become.

A change of mindset

Next time something happens to you, remember to think about it in a positive way. Remind yourself to think about what it is teaching you rather than why it is happening to you. When we stop to actually reflect on what is going on with us during that time, we realize it might be in our favor.

Have you asked yourself, "What is eczema teaching me?"

Affirmation to end:

"I am healing.

I am healed."


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