Eczema with Miscarriage

I haven’t done a body update in a while, and I felt it might be necessary. I think it’s been about a year (likely going on two) since the last time I’ve talked about problem areas and/or treatments, so I figured I’d get you guys up to date.

As of 2021, if I had to rate my skin on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably give it a solid 7. I’ve gone through some things internally that were so significant; I know they’ve impacted my body externally as well - the first being miscarriage.

Rashes and bruising

I know it’s a taboo topic. People don’t like to discuss it, but it’s important. I never really thought of how it could impact my skin either, but it honestly impacted everything about me. After going through the ups and downs of HCG (quite literally), I’d experienced not only rashes but bruising! The bruises never really appeared in areas that I currently have eczema in, but always nearby. It made me even more self-conscious because my skin already looked pretty beat up from scarring in the past. The random bruising beside impacted eczema areas didn’t do this any good.

Itchiness and new patches during pregnancy

Itching! Itching was a major thing I experienced while being pregnant and thereafter. I’ve had quite a few surgeries for Crohn’s disease, so the itching happened a lot in those scarred areas, in areas that I’d had eczema in the past, and with new patches as well!

That’s right! New patches! Oh, the year I’ve had, with my HCG fluctuations, skin health fluctuated along with that. Although my face was pretty and bright, the rest of me was not so much. New patches began to appear on my arms and especially my legs - the torture area. I can adjust to my arms, hands, at times, even my face! But legs? I can never get comfortable with leg patches. They will never feel “normal” to me. I like to sleep with my legs out at night, and even then, freshly bathed and ready for bed, I can never get too cozy with eczema on my legs. It almost feels as if I’m lying against sandpaper, and I hate it!

Scalp - this one, I’m not super sure about. Because it’s my scalp, it’s hard to know if it’s actually eczema or something else going on up there, but whatever it is, it’s bothersome. Throughout the day, I’d find myself constantly scratching my head. I still do. Washing my hair helps. It makes it feel extremely clarified, but that comfort doesn’t last long before the discomfort, itching, and scratching begins again.

Eczema is a guessing game

Overall, it’s not the worst. I know it sounds like a lot, but I guess having multiple chronic conditions gives you a higher tolerance for things like this. While I wish I could be a little bit more comfortable in my own skin, I’ve seen slow improvement. I continue to do what I can, but I know ultimately, eczema is a guessing game at best.

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