Treating Different Body Parts

Treating different body parts with eczema is a process I have yet to manage...or manage it well at least. It's hard to know what works for which body part or even if a certain product works for your body at all. You just never know until you try, but what if you just don't feel like trying? What if you just want to get up and go? What if you're too tired to have to use a different product on each limb? What if you just want to go out and live your best life with your dry damaged skin? You may not be able to relate, but this is 100% how I feel daily.

I don't have the patience

I'm someone who likes to do things fast. I drive fast, I eat fast, I actually even sleep fast. Doing things slowly or participating in an activity that takes a long period of time bothers me. I just don't have the patience. I honestly never have. At least not since being diagnosed with eczema. My family would take forever to treat my skin at night. They would use anywhere from one product to four or sometimes even five. To this day I have no idea what those products were or what effect they even had on my skin. I'm twenty-six years old and my skin looks just about how it always has. Just a bit older and stretched out.

I don't feel like trying new products

I don't always feel like trying and applying a bunch of different products. I honestly don't always feel like applying one! I realize this bothers some people. My family hates that I don't take care of my skin. They probably just think I'm a tomboy, but truth is, I'm just tired of wasting energy and time. I haven't seen a product for eczema that is quick and easy yet!

Treating each body part separately

Recently I did discover that treating your body parts separately does matter. Every body part doesn't respond to a product in the same manner, at least not for me they don't. In the past, I really never thought twice about what product goes where. If something can be classified as a "body lotion," and your face is a part of your body, why shouldn't you be able to use the product on your legs as well as your face? This was my theory for a long time. At times it still is. I don't want to spend my days worrying about what product goes where. I just want to live and enjoy myself.

Learning from mistakes

I applied one product to my face a few weeks ago and while it didn't technically do a lot of damage, it certainly didn't do a lot of good either. It's okay. I lived. I'm willing to take this mistake and the lesson and learn from it. From now on I will be more cautious with how and where I apply my product. It's hard having patience when you're living with a chronic condition, especially one a visible as eczema, but it's certainly an important trait to have.

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