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A man towels himself off after a morning shower.

My Morning Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is similar to a marketing strategy — it’s always evolving. If you stay complacent in your old ways, you won’t create the space to improve upon what you’ve learned and grow.

Putting time and effort into my routine

At this point, you’re probably wondering if you’re on the correct website. The answer is yes — I just couldn’t help myself with that analogy. Just like the digital marketing strategies I create for my clients, I put the same time and effort into creating a skincare routine for my eczema. With each new complication I experience, I must come up with a new solution to combat the problem.

With that being said, I’ll share my morning skincare routine with you in hopes that you can break the learning curve in half and improve upon a formula that works (well, at least it works for me!).

Stop, it’s shower time

Hands down, the morning shower is the most important part of the process. It is the foundation for which the routine and the rest of its steps are built upon. I start by grabbing my favorite soap and shampoo and washing away all the sweat and dead skin that has been accumulating for the past eight hours. Once I’m done, I hop out of the shower and pat myself dry with a towel. It’s important to avoid rubbing your skin with the towel as this can irritate eczema further.

Facial care

Next, I walk over to my sink and turn the water to a warm temperature. I then splash some on my face and begin to scrub in my CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser for about 30 seconds. Once I’m done, I rinse my face off in the sink and pat it dry.

Applying the topicals

The next step is to apply my topicals. I carefully rub Elidel then desonide onto the affected areas located on my face. Once they’ve had some time to soak in, I apply a layer of CeraVe Moisturizing Cream to my skin to lock the medication in. Before doing so, I make sure to wash my hands so I do not contaminate the cream with my topicals. Once that’s complete, I move on to the rest of my body.

I’d like to note that I intentionally complete my face first as the steroids I use on the rest of my body are of higher strength and are not suitable for sensitive areas such as the skin around my eyes.

Taking care of the rest of my body

The remainder of my eczema is first covered in EpiCeram and then triamcinolone cream. Once again, I let that all absorb into my skin before applying a thick layer of moisturizer. While that is soaking in, I take a moment to brush my teeth and put on my underwear and socks. By the time this step is complete, I’m able to finish getting dressed for the day.

It might not sound like much, but I’ve found that when I start my day off with this strategy, I tend to have fewer eczema complications (itching, burning, stinging, etc.) throughout the day.

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