My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

COVID-19 has been such a wild roller coaster ride.

My initial reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine

At first, we did not know how long it would last, but people became used to the new way of living after a while. When the vaccine first came out, I was excited about it. I was so afraid of contracting COVID since no one knew how bad it could be. I wanted the vaccine, but I was afraid of my eczema affecting me. My past experience with sensitive skin and easily contracting infections made me afraid of COVID-19. My skin tends to react easily to medications or injections, which was another fear I had about receiving the injection.

My first dose

When I received my first dose, I was feeling okay. For the first day after the shot, I felt like I didn't feel anything. It wasn't until two days later that I felt very sore in the area which was poked. About a week later, I ended up feeling better, like nothing had happened. The place in which I had been poked was okay after that. Then I had to wait about three weeks to get the second dose.

My second dose

The second dose was a completely different story. I felt like a train had passed through my whole body. I felt so sick and completely drained. My entire body felt extremely tired and not able to be active. Also, just to be clear, this wasn't the day after yet. Everything started happening two days later. Just when I thought I was one of the few to get no side effects, I got attacked with them all.

Taking extra precautions

The fact that I received the vaccine did not mean I would not take care of myself. I also would continue to wear my masks when going indoors, around people, and in isolated locations. I'd continue to wash my hands for more than 20 seconds and use sanitizer constantly. Before working as a social worker, I worked in the medical field for some time. I had already known the importance of taking care of myself and being sanitary in the workplace.

What about the booster?

Now that the vaccine booster has come out, I have been contemplating whether to get it or not. I came to the conclusion that I had not gotten COVID-19 due to all the precautions I was taking and with the help of the injection. In the end, I decided that when it comes to my turn, I will be receiving it. It would not hurt me to get the booster when it comes out. Also, I would be more protected with the booster as well since I have a compromised immune system. I still haven't heard from my doctor when my turn comes, but I will get it as soon as I can.

What are your thoughts?

Among this community, I feel like there has been some fear, confusion, and misleading information spread about the vaccine, which is why I know a lot of eczema sufferers who have not received the vaccine. I would like to know other people's thoughts on the vaccine.

If you have received it, how did you feel afterward? Will you be receiving the booster when it is your turn?

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