Hi! I’m New Here!

Hi there! I’m Emma- As you may have realized, I’m new here! Unfortunately, I am not ‘new’ to eczema. On top of eczema, I also have the supreme luck of also having cystic acne, Keratosis pilaris and have been doing my best to navigate the murky waters of dermatillomania for several years.  Due to all of this, I have been heavily invested in learning, researching, and trying skincare products, tutorials and inventing my own remedies for over a decade. I’ve had many (many) failed ‘experiments’ with my skincare. Luckily, I have also had many successes that have become permanent fixtures in my routine.

Skincare takes time and effort

My philosophy with skincare is this: The time and energy you put into finding, trying, and learning about the right products, combinations, and routine is synonymous with the results you will see. With atopic dermatitis, I have found this to be entirely true. With anything in life, but especially with skincare products, many products promise a ‘cure’ for various skin issues and instantaneous results. I have learned after many years that there are no ‘instant skin fixes.’ The relationship between me and my skin has been like a marriage: I have had to put in the time and effort and be adaptable.

Learning about ingredients

The most crucial information I have learned, and am still learning about, has been entirely focused on skin-product ingredients. When I started learning about the vast array of ingredients commonly found in skincare products, it was like learning a new language! Humectant? Emulsion? Acetyl Alcohol? It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

I plan on sharing as much of what I have learned as possible. However, not everyone has identical experiences or symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Please use caution when trying something new, and if you are unsure, I hope you can speak with a healthcare provider you trust. As I realize, that is unfortunately often a privilege, not a right.

Next time!

Next time I’ll share a list of my absolute favourite products and the most affordable places to get them. (I also am heavily invested in avoiding k-beauty caused insolvency!) If you are not familiar with K-beauty, check out this blog. It is super informative around the routine and much more!

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