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The Skincare Products We're Using!

Facial skincare is important, but so is caring for the rest of our body. Eczema knows no bounds and flares can show up absolutely anywhere. Finding the right products to care for our body can be a challenge. So we asked our advocates to share their go-to eczema-friendly skincare products. Here’s what they had to say:

What body soap do you use?

  • Jeff: I've found that the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar and Beekman Honey & Orange Blossom Goat Milk Body Wash work best on my skin.
  • Noreen: Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash
  • Liz: Neutrogena, Garnier, Jergens, Maybelline
  • Sarah H: Kiss My Face Coconut Milk Soap Bar Coconut Citrus
  • Larissa: Dr. Bronner's bar soap - the liquid soap does not work well on broken skin!
  • Terry: 100% Pure Eucalyptus Shower Gel
  • Ashley: Honest Body Wash and Dove Derma Series Body Wash
  • Abi: Earthley’s charcoal body soap. It makes my skin incredibly soft and feels incredible on my eczema.

What moisturizer/body lotion do you use?

  • Jeff: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream or CeraVe Healing Ointment
  • Noreen: Shea Moisture brand Coconut Oil
  • Liz: Prescription: Ammonium Lactate Lotion
  • Sarah H: Kiss My Face or Aveeno
  • Terry: 100% Pure Eucalyptus Nourishing Body Cream - Eucalyptus is antibacterial, great for preventing secondary skin infections from open wounds.
  • Ashley: Dove Derma Series Body Lotion and Molecule 32 Heal body lotion
  • Abi: Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer. It helps keep my hands and eczema from feeling withered.

Rotating through moisturizers

Larissa: I rotate between three different moisturizers depending on my skin's condition. When my skin is at its worst and needs deep hydration, I use Alba's Un-petroleum Jelly. This is an all-natural, plant-based version of Aquaphor or Vaseline. I moved away from these products as I didn't like the idea of slathering petroleum jelly on my skin multiple times a day. The Alba version works just as well, is just as gentle and free of those worrisome ingredients. When I am craving a bit of moisture, I like to use the Wonder Butter from Sam's Soulutions. It is made of all-natural butter and oils. It goes on smoothly, soaks in nicely and smells like chocolate and vanilla - seriously good enough to eat! Finally, when my skin is strong and I've been spending time outside, I like to use a natural aloe vera gel. It has a nice cooling effect and adds just a hint of moisture to the skin.

What other skincare products do you use?

Sarah H: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen

Terry: Province Apothecary Hydrating Rescue Balm - great for dry, flaky, scabby, cracked rashes and mature skin

Larissa: I got a pair of exfoliating shower gloves on a whim. I've found that they come in handy when my skin is on the dry side (no pun intended lol). They are not a wise choice for flaring skin as they can prolong and irritate the skin further, but otherwise, they have been helpful. Just a quick once over in the shower is all it takes for a quick exfoliation.

Coconut oil is a game changer

Noreen:Coconut oil has been a game-changer for me! I love how simple it is and melts right in your hands and all over your body. I especially love it on my face because it masks and sort of exfoliates on its own where the flakes fall off. I used to use vaseline on my face, but it is a bit too thick for me now, so I only use it sometimes on my upper lip.

Thicker products, fewer ingredients

Sarah H: Generally, I've found the thickest products with the fewest ingredients are typically the best for eczema-prone skin, especially during a flare. When my kids were flaring, I'd often turn to straight-up organic coconut oil, which I could purchase inexpensively in bulk from Costco. As my daughter got older and didn't want to be so oily, finding a good, heavy cream became important as her eczema, in particular, is the most difficult to get (and keep) under control. Amazon can be a great place to get tips and find out what users really think about skincare products, as repeat buyers will typically sing the praises online.

Back to basics during a flare

Karen: Jill is a typical teen and uses many perfume type products. Whatever the season, she has a moisturizer to go with it. Sometimes it creates a flare, and she goes right back to her unscented Eucerin Skin Calming or even better, Gold Bond Ultra Diabetic Skin Cream. At the moment, she is having a good run with the fun stuff. I always keep her favorite Aveeno Daily Moisturizing in the guest room here. It's what she prefers at home too. When her skin gets really rough, she will let me rub the Gold Bond or Eucerin on her. The Eucerin is what got her through childhood. It was easy to carry the travel size and use them for any emergency problems.

Moisture withdrawal to all-natural products

Larissa: Aveeno was my favorite moisturizer for years. I went through about a bottle a month! When I started TSW, my skin stopped tolerating it and moisturizers in general. I took a break from using moisturizers on my body (also known as moisture withdrawal) and found that my skin began creating its own natural oils again. Now in my 10th month of TSW my skin is finally strong enough to use moisturizers again. I've turned to using all-natural alternatives given the extra sensitivity, though to my surprise I do not need to use them nearly as often. I'm very grateful to be in this phase of healing!

It's all about the ingredients

Terry: Always read ingredients labels and pay attention to any patterns of relief or flares. Eventually, you'll start to notice common ingredients in both types of reactions to types of products.

Body washes and moisturizer duos

Ashley: Body washes and moisturizers are my best friends. So when I find one I like, I stick to it like glue. Dove Derma Series Body Wash and Lotion are one of my go-to’s right now. Similar to their face wash, their body wash feels like lotion! It’s crazy! It’s not really foamy at all and it has a natural scent to it. I love that I can pair this up with their lotion and face wash/cream line.

A major tip for body washes and lotions is to either buy or package it for travel when you go away. I travel on a monthly basis and one thing that irritates my skin is trying new soaps and body lotions because I wasn’t prepared with my own. So definitely packaging what you have at home and bringing it with you during travels is a must!

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