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My Goal to Change the Eczema Files

What will I do differently this year to previous years in terms of managing my skin? Maybe more discipline with food and exercise? 2024 is going to be an important one for me. I need to make some big changes. I feel that the pandemic set my recovery process right back. Each year that passes my body finds it more and more difficult to repair itself.

What are the eczema files?

On my phone I have a thousands of photographs of my skin. It's essentially a diary of my good and bad days through the years. I refer to them as 'the eczema files.' When I scroll through them I notice that the worst areas are my wrists, hands and face/eyes. I have flares elsewhere but not to the same degrees of severity. It can be helpful to keep these files because I can reflect on the times when I was really going through a rough time and that allows me to remember what was going on in my life at the time.

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Also, when my skin looked its best, it's interesting to notice that my life was in a really good place. It's all linked. Stress, anxiety, diet, exercise. These all are hugely important factors when trying to understand my body.

What changes will I make in 2024?

Well, as I intimated at the top of the article, I will make a concerted effort to keep on top of my health and diet. So, more healthy eating. Loads of plant food, oily fish, and plenty of fruit. I will try and eat more of this stuff than the naughty snacks I normally indulge in at the weekends. I have pretty much eradicated all processed foods from my diet and will continue to do so. Currently, my asthma is in a good place so I will look to up my exercise routine and try my hardest to get fitter.

How am I distracting myself?

Having a project to sink my teeth into is incredibly important for me. I have joined forces with an old band mate and we are working on some songs in his studio. This all helps me to keep my mind focused on a particular goal and of course it is a great distraction from my eczema. The more I can keep busy with various projects, the more healthier I feel. Physically and mentally! I will make more of an effort to do more social things. I say this but really it's all dependent on how my skin is doing, but I will try. That's all we can do, right?

What is my goal?

If I can stick to the plan there is no reason why 2024 can't be a great year. All it is is trying to get into the right head space. I have the ability to manipulate the eczema files so that there are more good days than bad. This is my plan.

What will your plans be for this year? Over and out people!

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