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A person sits in a bath towel and presses a piece of packing tape onto their leg.

Packing Tape for Atopic Dermatitis?

Could packing tape become the next big thing for dry skin?

Pulling off a Band-Aid with skin flakes stuck to it gave me the idea for this awesome tip. It was my “aha” moment!

Finding ways to remove dead skin flakes

I had tried everything I could think of or had read about over the years to try and make my legs look “normal” in the summer months. I was always left with just different stages of dryness and flaking. A long time ago, I had tried waxing a small area on my shin, thinking if it would remove hairs, it might remove dry skin flakes. Thank goodness I only did a small area as it took off enough skin to start bleeding. Skin that’s been dealing with eczema forever is thin and damaged. Scrap that idea.

Would packing tape work?

But back to the Band-Aid. If it painlessly took off a few flakes of dead skin, what other tape might work? My first thought was to try duct tape. That definitely did not work. But while getting the duct tape out of my toolbox, I noticed the packing tape and decided to try that next. Success!

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My results with packing tape

People who have never had to deal with dry skin flakes might read about this and think, “Eww.” I wish I had taken a before and after picture when I first tried this. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did this, and my lower legs are still better than they have been in years. Dry, but better than they had been. I’m hoping if I do this regularly, the improvement might last longer. But even if it doesn’t make any lasting difference, it can make it look better for a short time if there’s a special occasion coming up or perhaps a beach vacation.

Eczema and mountains of skin flakes

Before this, it didn’t matter if I dry brushed before my shower, exfoliated or not, or how much lotion or cream I use. And as anyone with xerosis and eczema knows, there’s usually a second layer of lotion or cream needed a few minutes later. Within a few hours, I would be trailing those dry skin flakes again everywhere. Now, those mountains of skin flakes have slimmed down to hills. Definitely not gone, but so much better.

Trying it at different times

I’ve since tried it at different times. Immediately before my shower, right after the shower and cream applications, a few hours later, and the best so far, a day, or even two days later. I think that just doing this 2 or 3 times a month will keep my legs capris ready. It would probably differ for different degrees of dryness.

A new dry skin flake hack

Before I found this amazing “hack,” as the kids call it, I would use tweezers to peel off the larger flakes. Even after my shower and two layers of cream, there would always be more flakes hanging on for dear life like mountain climbers on a sheer rock face. I used to put a good show on TV and spend half an hour with tweezers trying to make my legs capris friendly.

Now, I spend less time and have better, longer-lasting results — a win-win for me all around. Please let me know if you try it!

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