Kick off to Summer: 5 Articles to Prepare for Summer with Eczema

Summer is here and the livin' is easy...well maybe not that easy when you have to manage atopic eczema! If you or a loved one struggle with atopic eczema then you are all too familiar with the fact that the summer heat, sweat, and the exposure to irritants can exacerbate symptoms! In individuals with atopic eczema, the skin barrier is compromised and therefore it is more vulnerable to things in the environment. Fear not! We've rounded up 5 articles from our experts and advocates to help you get ready for the summer!

Summer, Sunscreen, and... "Snakeskin"

When one thinks of the beach I bet a few common things come to mind. The ocean, swimming, sunscreen, and fun are all associated with the beach, right? A word that isn’t usually associated with the beach is eczema!! My son, Ryan, has an ongoing battle with eczema and his flare-ups. We wish eczema would pick a season and only come out then… like snow in Winter or rain in April. Eczema isn’t that kind. It is a year-round battle. Ryan hasn’t decided which season is the worst but this example focuses on Summer... READ MORE

Going To The Beach With Eczema

With summer on its way, it seems like a good time to talk about how are you can make going to the beach more enjoyable if you have eczema. In the past, going to the beach used to be a thought that was full of dread for me growing up. Because what would usually happen is that it would be super hot, sunny, and dry (I’m originally from Northern California). And while I would enjoy the sun in the moment, no matter how much sunscreen I put on, by the end of the day my skin would have absorbed so much heat that the pores on my face would become enlarged giving off all this excess heat and in turn become very very itchy leaving me sunburned, swollen and bloody by the time I got home... READ MORE

How Is Atopic Dermatitis Affected by Weather?

The weather can aggravate or trigger atopic dermatitis (AD), leading some to call it winter eczema or seasonal dermatitis. AD is a specific type of eczema, and many people living with AD find that the cold, dry weather in winter makes their skin lesions worse. Both the severity of the disease and the activity (the number of lesions) can be influenced by the climate and weather, sometimes with dramatic changes within a few days or weeks... READ MORE

Southern Warmth and Hospi...Humidity

I grew up in New Jersey. There are four full seasons in New Jersey: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Summer is generally warm and humid, while fall, winter, and even spring are much cooler and drier. I lived in that climate for 30 years, and my skin hated it... READ MORE

Sunlight Exposure and Atopic Dermatitis

Sunlight may help improve atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common form of eczema. Many people with AD find their skin improves or clears in summertime, when there is more sunlight and more time is spent outdoors. In contrast, AD tends to worsen in winter, when the colder temperatures and lack of humidity frequently cause flare-ups of AD.1,2 The positive benefit of sunlight on skin affected by AD is behind the idea of phototherapy, the use of artificial light waves as a treatment... READ MORE

How do you manage atopic eczmea in the summer?

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