The Rewards of Routines with Dermatitis

Life can be simpler with a good skin care routine. The benefits are endless. But – seasons change, and we get busy. We look up and our schedules have fiddled with plans. Running out of a certain cream leaves us substituting with something else that’s not so good. If we are not careful, before long we can get into a rut of not taking good care of our skin.

Start by putting a reminder system in place

For example, make a list of a few simple skin care habits that you will begin to form. Then place your reminder list on your phone, calendar, or a wipe off board on the fridge. You might even put it on a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, or near your favorite chair. If company comes, you can always tuck it away.


Have everything you need in one place

For example, if you use a certain lotion, stay stocked up. Keep one bottle or jar out and ready to use. If you have a prescription cream, keep it nearby. You might use a supplement to help your skin. Remember to take it by keeping it close to your other meds. I use a plastic container with a lid on it. After opening it up, I can access everything I need to prevent my skin from acting out. By not having to go find something, I avoid putting off good practices.


Make it a habit

Creating a routine is easy when you do the same thing every time. With our granddaughter, after bath time is when we apply skin care. Full-size bottles of everything have always been kept in a bag. That bag was placed in a basket near her dresser. When she spent the night with me, I had my own set of skin care items in a basket. The routine from home was the same one we used at Nana’s house.

lotion bottles

Give yourself a reward

Whether you’re caring for your own skin, or someone else’s, rewards are fun! For my granddaughter’s skincare regime, we got a snack and read a book after putting on lotions. It gave us a chance to relax together after all the business of getting bumps and rashes covered with good medicine. For my own skin care, having peace of mind was its own reward. My facial routine, from medication-induced skin problems, caused burning when I cleansed. I loved putting soothing oils and having a cup of hot tea at the end of the day.


By putting up reminders, you will be thinking about your regularly scheduled skin care. When it is time, all of the items will be within reach - in one location. I have heard that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Mark the calendar. Get creative and make it fun! Then reward yourself with a favorite tea, snack, or book. The true rewards of routines with dermatitis are healthier and clearer skin.

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