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My Eczema Sleep Aid Recommendations 

Ever find yourself struggling to sleep when you have eczema? Whether it’s because your skin is ignited with a volcano of inflammation or pure anxiety-ridden insomnia over the state of your health, what should be a relaxing, regular occurrence can become a lot more fleeting over time. I have had many sleepless nights and many opportunities to experiment with many different potential sleep remedies. Over many years of being my own guinea pig, the following options are some tips that I have found the most effective and consistent at getting me a good night of slumber.

Recommendation #1

I find that grounding by touching grass literally and figuratively and just being surrounded by trees, earth, and fresh air helps me to relax and let go of a lot of anxiety I might have around my skin. Grounding myself in nature also helps me to appreciate being a part of it and let go of how others may be reacting to my rashes and blemishes. I find that spending an hour or two in nature most days, if not everyday, helps me feel balanced and settled in my body which seems to help me relax into sleep more easily.

Recommendation #2

The next thing I've found really helpful has been playing ASMR videos before and during sleep. It is kind of ironic because these days we are so stimulated by social media and nonstop visuals. But there is some social media content out there that can actually be very helpful for one’s health, too, depending on how it is used. I find that repetitive ASMR sounds such as tapping or even hearing the sounds of nature (such as rain and ocean waves) are very calming for sleep.

Sometimes if I’m feeling lonely, it's kind of comforting to hear the sounds of someone else existing and moving. I find these sounds of movement to be a great distraction from anxiety and overthinking. Having something capture my attention seems to help me to actually be more grounded in my body because I'm hearing the sounds of something happening in the physical world other than focusing on my own itching and scratching. Ironically, there are times when being in total silence can lend itself to my mind spiraling, especially if I’m already worried about something.

Recommendation #3

Magnesium supplements and magnesium body lotion have also been very helpful sleep aids. I have heard about the benefits of having this mineral applied topically to the body to help relax the muscles, which is supposed to help with getting ready for bed more successfully. I do find that moisturizing my body with magnesium lotion is great for getting ready for bed, especially after a warm shower for extra relaxation.

Recommendation #4

This idea might be a bit “out there” and “woo-woo” for some people, and probably more for my more spiritually-minded eczema warriors: I find that using crystals and gemstones to be great grounding tools to help my mind and body relax at night. I do this by putting crystals underneath my pillow as well as lining around my bed with them.

In terms of crystal selection, I really like amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, malachite, and tiger’s eye. I find that when I put these particular stones under my pillow, I either have peaceful, dreamless sleep or sweet dreams. You can put just one stone or as many as you feel inclined to.

Disclaimer: This is totally an anecdotal opinion and not scientific information. If intrigued, you can do your own experimentation and research online about these gemstones and what they do and how they work in relation to sleep. If you try any of these stones under your pillow, I’d be curious to hear how they work for you!

I hope that you find these tips helpful. What do you like doing to help you fall fast asleep? I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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