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Sleeping Helps Eczema Flares

The idea of, “beauty rest” is really true! When you have mostly healed from the worst experiences with eczema you can realize that even where your skin isn’t flared the same healthy routines and sleeping enough will benefit the health of your skin. Now, I wish that I was prepared to share scientific studies of sleep and healing skin, but I will share that in a later article. This is solely from my personal experience and the process I watched my body heal through TSW for two years.

Sick? Get some rest

Think about it. When we have common colds or any other issue with our body that is not the norm, rest is a key hack for getting back to health. We need to sleep every day in order to perform regularly and not having enough will greatly impact our entire function for the day. How much more so do we need as much sleep and rest that we can possibly get in order to heal our physical wounds like eczema.

Working within my body's limitations

Not pressuring myself to do more than what was necessary each day and mostly only doing the bare minimum during my worst battles with eczema has always been a key factor in healing my flares. Yes, everything else is important too for clearing your skin like, baths, products, routine, and diet but every night or even midday nap I woke up knowing that I was better than I was before resting.

Diet, detox, and sleep

If you are familiar with fasting of any sort it is understood no matter what kind you are doing, it will simply give your digestive system a break. With that break, your body can focus on rebuilding and healing while you are asleep. Don’t get me wrong when you have a lot of problems going on oftentimes that sleep could even worsen things as rebuilding can first include detoxing. Although in the beginning it can be seen as negative, it is quite a profound thought to know that each day just by resting specifically through the night, you are becoming a better you.

Eczema constantly disrupts my sleep

Speaking about sleep to eczema patients may be slightly ironic because frankly, we don’t sleep much! With the itch that increases through the night (partially due to the detoxing worse before better idea) our sleep is interrupted if not completely denied more times than none. We then pile up on Benadryl or prescribed antihistamines with the hopes of allowing rest. Then our entire next day is drowsy or uneventful because of having those traces of medications in our system. All of this just to restart the process again for the next day.

Getting rest by squeezing in naps

This is why I include naps as helpful and can make up for the sleep we didn't get overnight. Any kind and amount of rest will help your body heal. Healing naturally with my TSW and eczema journey I used acupuncture many times. Every time that gave me some of the most relaxing sleep that I’ve had. Please check with your doctor or a certified practitioner before trying acupuncture, but there are many natural routines that can be incorporated to promote sleep in very itchy and anxious eczema folks. Comment below some of your hacks for rest.

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