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You Are Worthy Of Clear Skin

Is it possible that we become so comfortable in pain and identify with our illness so much, that we become afraid to heal?

I personally believe so. A lot of our reality is based on beliefs. Much of what we believe is what we will see more of in our outer reality. In addition, much of what we fear, we will either see more of or prevent from happening altogether due to the resistance.

We fear of the unknown

I believe most humans have a fear of uncertainty to some extent. However, in those with chronic illness, I believe that fear is amplified at least tenfold. We are constantly having to worry about what the next moment will bring.

Will there be pain? Itching? Will our face be red? What will people think? Our minds are constantly busy with the anxiety of living in either the past or future moment. We are hardly ever truly in the present. Instead, we are mostly in survival mode.

We brace for the worst

It's understandable, especially those of us that have struggled with atopic dermatitis since we were children. We really don't know any other way of living. It's hard to even think it could be possible. We are always bracing ourselves for the worst possible outcome. Even when something good is happening and we have clear skin, we are usually waiting for the other shoe to drop and something to go wrong. We are simply not comfortable in uncertainty.

We are creatures of habit

Humans are mostly creatures of habit. It is said that our subconscious minds rule about 95% of our behavior. This includes our thoughts, beliefs, etc. When these limiting beliefs are ingrained within us as children especially, it is extremely difficult to even imagine a way of living that is different than the way we've lived so far.

I've found this to be true in my case, personally. It has taken a lot of work to even begin to rewire some of those subconscious beliefs that I have carried with me since I was a child.

We habitually question our worth

A lot of those beliefs, especially for those with significant childhood trauma (though I believe we all go through some kind of trauma in life), go something like this: "I'm not good enough," "I'm not worthy," "It's not safe to be me," "It is not safe to express my true self," "I have to struggle to receive good things in life," "I have to be a good boy/girl," etc. You get the point.

The majority of us have some of these on some level. I believe healing plays a major role in this. After all, if we don't think we are worthy of and deserve healing and clear skin, how can we ever get it?

We need to change our limiting beliefs

For me, the inner work has been just as important as the physical, if not more so. Choosing which lotions and creams to use, which foods to eat, and what type of physical activities and exercises to do plays its own part, of course. It has been a slow and oftentimes difficult process of really looking deep within. I've had to do a lot of self reflection and ask myself the hard questions, and when these beliefs started in life.

It took me many years to even get to that point where I was able to truly and honestly self reflect, and start to analyze my own beliefs and behaviors. Of course, it is helpful to have a therapist, life coach, or any other professional you may need to help you through this process.

We need to heal from eczema internally

I believe our skin is just a mirror of what's going on internally. This includes what's going on at a mental and emotional level, as well. If we can start to change our internal world, and plant more seeds of healing, positivity, and self-worth, I believe we can start to change the external as well.

Never forget, healing is always possible and you are worthy of it. Regardless of how long you have been dealing with eczema or any other health condition. You are worthy of clear skin. And you are worthy of all the happiness and joy life has to offer.

You don't even have to "do" anything to be worthy of it all. You are worthy just by being you.

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