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I Look Forward to Summer and Dread It at the Same Time

There is no pleasing me. I have spent the last few months moaning about the winter months and now it seems I am having a go at the summer! I don't mean to, it's just that there are so many challenges for us eczema warriors to think about, we can never take our foot off the gas pedal. We are constantly assessing and re-assessing our situation. If we lose focus even for just a second, things can go south pretty quickly. Given the choice, I would take the summer months over the winter months every single time.

Warm v. cold climate

In my opinion, a warmer climate generally seems to be more comfortable to live in. However, it is not without its challenges. The reason why I look forward to and both dread the summertime is because, first off, it's nice because my "winter cracks" heal up. The warmer climate tends to be kinder to my skin in this regard. This means I do not need to moisturize as heavily as I do during the colder seasons. Another benefit the warmer season gives me is that any flare that I have seems to heal quicker. And of course, plenty of vitamin D is always a plus for our bodies.

The downsides of summer

The downside is that there is inevitably more sweating which always triggers a flare. There are more allergens that we need to defend ourselves against such as; tree and grass pollens, as well as all the usual ones like, house dust and other environmental factors.

Stay on top of eczema triggers

As with all these issues, the important thing is to recognize the triggers and keep on top of them before they get a hold of us. Easier said than done, I realize. For instance, sweating is problematic for most eczema patients. So, keeping your body temperature regulated will no doubt be of great help. Sweating is dangerous because it means that when we flare the skin is wet and therefore tears open more easily. This can lead to infection which is something we all want to avoid.

Tips for managing summer triggers

I will be digging out the old Dyson fan soon and this will help me to keep cool during the hot barmy evenings. It will also aid in keeping the air circulating nicely in my bedroom. During the summer months, I find it beneficial to change my bed linens more regularly. This will ensure that you will have a fresher night's sleep with hopefully less irritation. I say all this as if these are cut and dry solutions. They are not and sometimes nothing seems to work but we have to give ourselves the best chance in keeping this awful condition at bay. Showering before bed is something that I do anyway but I highly recommend anyone doing. It ensures that the day's allergens have all been washed away and you will not be getting into a nice clean bed with a load of pollen in your hair and skin.

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