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Tan Out of Tan For Trying!

Just recently, I have been trying to do everything in my power to prevent my eczema from coming back to its worse state. Just when you think you have got a hold of this condition, it likes to remind you that it is still many steps ahead of you.

Warmer climates improve my eczema

My skin improves when I go away on holiday to a warmer climate. The Mediterranean food, the soft, salty water, the warm sunshine, and beautiful sea air all help to keep the dry and scaly skin from making an appearance. So, now I have decided to use a sunbed every week for twenty minutes. I have known about some of the controversies around using sunbeds for years now (developing skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, etc.) and, for this reason, have avoided them.

Everything in moderation

However, I have reached a period in my life where I need to get control. I am now fully focused on trying to find a near cure. Anything that makes living with this condition easier. Also, I think that if sunbeds are used in moderation, then they should be safe. According to an article written by our brilliant Editorial Team, they say: "Moderate, or suberythemal, amounts of UV-B actually improves the way the skin barrier and its antimicrobial defenses work." They also highlight that "By looking at studies from Australia, China, Denmark, France, Japan, Korea, Spain, and the U.S., These researchers found that moderate sun exposure helps children develop a healthy immune system rather than the characteristic Th2-dominant (allergic) inflammation found in most patients with atopic dermatitis."1

Stigma of tanning beds

Another thing that has kept me away from using sunbeds is the social stigma attached to them. Judgemental alert!!! I never wanted to be one of these people you see on some reality TV shows. You know, the types that just care about their appearance. They look almost orange in color from the fake tan applied liberally or excessive sunbed usage to get that gorgeously gross baked orange look.

To be honest, that cannot happen if I am only taking twenty minutes per week but just walking into a place and having to ask to use a sunbed makes me feel very self-conscious. I want to scream and say, "It's for my eczema!!!!" And that was another reason why when I heard about this quaint little barbershop near my home, offered a sunbed service just above the salon, it made it easy for me. You literally walk in and ask if you can "Use upstairs?" You do not even have to say the word 'sunbed," haha! It is brilliant!

My skin feels better for it

I have been using sunbeds for three weeks now, and it is not really noticeable from a tanning point of view. It is perfect for me. My skin does feel all the better for it. It is just another effective way of keeping my eczema from becoming out of control. I shall continue to use it in moderation, and hopefully, I can have this as another weapon in my arsenal to fight off the dry and itchy skin.

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