Top 5 Travel Tips for Atopic Dermatitis 

Everyone has to work around traveling with medications for skin problems. Whether you are traveling to the mountains for cool fresh air, heading to the tropics to soak up some sun, or climbing into the mountains, taking care of your skin is the first step to getting the relaxation you’re looking for. These are our family’s top 5 travel tips for atopic dermatitis:

Keep it cool

The right temperature is important. When ingredients separate, they may lose their ability to treat your skin itches and rashes. High heat can cause the medication to become inactive. If you’re traveling in a warm climate, consider some ways to cool things down. If you’re traveling by car, an ice chest works. There are even small gel packs that can be frozen and slipped into a watertight liner. We’ve learned to get inventive and used a large styrofoam cup of ice from a truck stop.

Keep it small

Trying to take full-sized medications and lotions are inconvenient. This is especially true if you are traveling by car or van. Some trips limit luggage, like groups traveling together or traveling by air, bus, or train. I’m in the habit of keeping small glass and plastic jars of makeup or lip balm. A little bit of antibiotic cream goes in one container. A larger one holds an ointment. With prescription creams, you pretty much get what you get. If possible, you can try to scoop some into an airtight container. Be sure and chose one with a tight lid for liquids.

Keep it dry

Just remember to put the meds in a zipper-type baggie first to prevent moisture from getting in.  Saving and using the silica gel packs can also help to reduce humidity in the baggie. 

Keep it with you

When driving, it’s easy enough to have everything in a small bag. There may be restrictions for air travel. A zipper-type pouch filled with small sizes of bottles, tubes, and jars is easy to throw into your purse or backpack. There are several advantages to personal sizes:

  • It will make it through most airline baggage checks
  • You can take it into restaurants and pits stops
  • Everything is always in one place
  • Temperature is easier to control

Keep it legal

If you take it out of the original packaging, be sure and have a copy of your prescription with you. You can take a picture of it to leave on your phone. If you should have any trouble getting a refill, or getting through security, you always have proof that it belongs to you.

Travel tips

Whether you are traveling by car, bus, train, or plane, you want to get there safe and sound with all of the medications you need. You can always visit the local pharmacy with any questions. Having your skincare items can help increase the joy in your journey. By being prepared with small sizes of your medication at the right temperature, the travel portion of your trip can be just as relaxing as the destination.

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