Six Ways I Tackle the Itch from Eczema

Does the itchiness of eczema bother you as much as it does me? Luckily with my diet, it doesn’t itch and burn often, but holy moly when it does, it isn’t fun! Since scratching it makes it worse, I have been on a mission to find different ways to deal with it. Below are six things that help me. By the way, this is not professional or medical advice, just some methods that make me more comfortable.

1. Putting ice or running cold water on it

This one might seem odd, but holding an ice cube or running cold water helps reduce the itch and burn. Obviously, I don’t want to hold the ice cube for long, but just around 30 seconds helps me. Running cold water is easier and more convenient, especially when I am not at home. A perk of running cold water on it when in public, is people don’t typically notice or question what I am doing. Holding an ice cube to a random part of your body in public is a bit more obvious.

2. Apply pressure

This too may sound strange, but lightly squeezing my eczema with my palm sometimes helps. I take my palm and lightly put it around where the eczema is and gently squeeze it. I do have to be careful to not squeeze too hard, otherwise, it may increase the itchiness.

3. Distraction

This isn’t attacking it head on, but sometimes I like to distract my hands with something else. I have a small fidget cube with different buttons and switches that I use. Sometimes I play around with a pen and maybe draw or doodle. Other times I may play some video games or write. Reading, talking with a friend, watching a movie, jamming out to my favorite tunes, are other ways that I like to distract myself. While it doesn’t address the physical sensation, it does help to focus on something else.

4. Lotions

My favorite option is to apply a CBD topical lotion that is specifically formulated for eczema and psoriasis. How quickly it reduces the itchiness and burning sensation depends on how long I wait to apply it. The faster I address it, the quicker it relieves my discomfort.

5. Antihistamines

When all else fails I take an allergy pill. I keep a bottle of non-drowsy allergy pills in my purse and dye-free Benadryl on my nightstand. The non-drowsy medication is perfect when I am on the go. Benadryl not only helps with the itchiness in the evening, but it helps me fall asleep too.

6. Coconut oil

When I have run out of my favorite CBD lotion and am waiting for a new bottle to arrive, I make a run for my pantry and apply virgin coconut oil. It doesn’t help as well as my lotion, but it is better than nothing. It is also something that many of my friends and family have in their pantries as well, which gives me another option when I am visiting them.

How do you deal with the itchiness and burning?

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