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How to Treat Your Scars

If anyone has suffered from eczema for long periods of their life, or in my case, pretty much all my life, they will be all too aware of how this can impact our mental health. Even after you think you have healed, the battle scars of this horrendous condition are still on show for all to see. I have scarring around my eyes, neck, and arms. It makes everyday decisions extremely stressful such as, whether to wear a short-sleeved top, or whether you can get away with wearing sunglasses on a bright-ish day. Whether you should attend a social event. People who do not have this condition will never fully understand.

How do I view my scars?

So how best to treat our scars? If you have been lucky enough to get to a state where your lesions and wounds have healed, you now have the other problem of how best to deal with the scars that have remained. The first thing I did was to accept that my scars will never go. Acceptance was a big thing for me! Without it I do not think I could have moved on. They (my scars) are here to stay. Like a permanent reminder of my exhausting and distressing past. Some eczema warriors embrace their scars, they see them as almost a symbolic reminder that they love their body warts ’n all! I admire this way of thinking but I don’t go that far.

What’s the best treatment for eczema scars?

There are several products on the market that can help to soften and reduce the harshness of your eczema lines such as chamomile cream, coconut oil, moisturizer ointments, Bio-oil, Vitamin E oil, and there are other products available too!

I have used most of the aforementioned treatments and I will rate my experience of them in order of efficacy.

Product #1

Coconut oil. I only use this when I don’t have any open sores and it is the most effective at reducing and softening my scars. It makes my skin feel silky and smooth to the touch. Or as smooth as it can be.

Product #2

Cetraben cream. This moisturizer helps to soften my skin. Especially if I use it after a shower. While it softens my skin it has minimal effect on scar reduction but it feels comfortable to use.

Product #3

Vitamin E oil. A few years ago I bought some of this from my local health store. It came in a glass bottle and felt great on the initial application. The only thing I found with this product was that after a while my skin would itch like mad so I had to stop using it. Again, this was my experience and may not be yours!

What options haven't I tried yet?

I have yet to try bio-oil and chamomile cream, which apparently is said to be as effective as hydrocortisone. However, I am always skeptical when I hear these off-the-charts claims. I am curious though and in time will experiment for myself.

Does anyone else have any great tips for treating our eczema scars?

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