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My Scar Removal Product Experiment

I am always happy when fall rounds the corner. The relief when the weather permits the transition from shorts to pants has become a welcome annual event. It’s not that I don’t love summer - I do.

However, I don't love the scarring and discoloration on my legs from atopic dermatitis, dermatillomania, purpura, and keratosis pilaris.

What is my experience in scar removal?

Lately, I have been feeling insecure about the whole thing. Luckily I am a solution-focused type of person. So, naturally, my mind has been occupied with scar removal methods.

I haven’t dappled much in scar removal treatments. The only product I tried was Mederma Advanced Scar Gel years ago. Unfortunately, if my memory serves me correctly, the results were underwhelming.

What about scar coverage products?

I am not personally interested in scar coverage products. I spent an arm and a leg on a particular brand of liquid and powder foundation several years back. This product touted being so high coverage it could seamlessly cover both scars AND tattoos.

I was initially doubtful but pleasantly surprised when it worked as effectively as the manufacturer claimed. I, however, did not consider the downsides of using a product like this on the legs or arms.

What did the foundation do?

The foundation claimed to be water-proof and smudge-proof. I soon realized that would only apply for use on the face. Shortly after I began using the product, foundation stains appeared on my couch, chairs, armrests, car seat and shorts. Friction and sweat were to blame. Sadly, a good number of those stains were unremovable.

What was the issue with the ingredients?

The thing about super high-coverage foundations like this is that their ingredients are heavy and often occlusive (meaning they form a dense, oily barrier). In regard to my experience, this meant two things: stains, as I mentioned before, and also clogged skin.

When used for my facial scarring the foundation did the job of covering my scars but at the cost of inflaming my acne. So I eventually ditched the product altogether.

How am I avoiding quick fixes?

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want quick fixes as much as I want lasting results. So I’m back on the hunt to try and find something that works.

What will I try?

Over the next few months, I plan to try a few commercially available, non-prescription, non-surgical methods of scar removal. I’ve narrowed down what types of products I will try: a serum, a scar sheet, and a silicone gel.

What will my trial process look like?

Now, I am big on using scientific methods when conducting experiments on my skin. I’m not a medical professional or scientist by any means, but I do like accurate, measurable, documented results.

To achieve this I will be using photo documentation, in the form of before, progress, and after pictures. I have also selected three similarly scarred areas on my body that receive comparable sun/element exposure in which to apply the products. I will only apply one product to one area ensuring no mixing of results.

How much time will I give each product?

To combat different recommended treatment times between products I will also undertake the experiment for the mean number of the combined required treatment times for each product.

What this means is if the recommended usage time for product A is 6 weeks, product B is 8 weeks and product C is 12 weeks then the experiment will last approximately 8.6 weeks.

What are my goals?

I haven’t finalized the exact details of the experiment yet but I was just so excited to share my idea with you guys. I am also hopeful you will share your suggestions for products that you have found worked for scar removal.

It is my goal that by the end of the experiment, I will have a clear winner when it comes to products that can combat the scarring atopic dermatitis can cause.

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