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Are Waterbeds the Way to Better Sleep?

Do you remember those waterbeds in the 1980s & ’90s?  The old dark wood frame with the waterbed bladder.

I remember having one as a kid, and I really liked it, and I thought it was great.  The big blue bladder that you had to fill up from time to time.  The wood frame and headboard with the mirrors.  The one annoying part of owning a waterbed back then was the wood frame.  The screws on the corners usually caused punctures and loss of water.  As I got older I got rid of the waterbed and purchased a normal mattress.

Overheating and itchy in my sleep

For the past 25 years, I have slept on a normal mattress.  For the last five years, I have had terrible nights of sleep - getting too hot, itching, and rolling around too much.  I suffer from red skin syndrome, and I find that sleep is always a problem for me.  I get too hot and start to itch.  I sleep with a sheet even in the winter.

Another factor that caused a bad sleep for me was my chronic back pain.  The traditional mattress will contain a mattress topper with memory foam or foam.  Memory foam will retain your body heat and for most people will be cozy.  This is not the case for people with eczema; memory foam will cause you to overheat and, in turn, a terrible sleep.

Dust mites in bed?

Normal mattresses will also attract dust mites.  Eczema sufferers will shed more skin than most people, and it will cause more dust mites in your mattress.  I have done allergy tests, and dust mites are one of the highest on my list!!!

What about waterbeds?

Earlier this year, I purchased a house and required all new furniture.  I started to research beds and what would be best for eczema and back pain.  I had driven past a business called Ultimate Waterbeds here in Adelaide, Australia, and thought it was interesting that waterbeds were still around.  You do not see them available in the main bedding retail shops.

I looked further into waterbeds, and I found there were new waterbeds on the market.  These modern waterbeds now have a proper mattress frame (no more wood box frame).  They have a mattress topper to reduce the waves.  Waterbed heaters are much better than they were in the ’90s.

What I was looking for

There were three things I was looking for in a mattress:

  • Reduce body heat
  • Reduce dust mites
  • Better support for my back and shoulders

Steering clear of dust mites

From Ultimate Waterbeds website:

“Unlike old-fashioned traditional mattresses that can hold dead skin and offer a breeding ground for dust mites, waterbeds afford several health benefits for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.  Due to the composition of waterbeds, along with the removable wool top covers that come with all our waterbeds, dust mites can’t survive. Simply take off the wool top cover that comes with our waterbeds, throw it in the wash, and clean your waterbed with waterbed vinyl cleaner to remove any build-up of dust, body oils, and any other allergens that may linger.”

Alleviating back pain

"For those who suffer from back and spinal issues, waterbeds are a great way to relieve pain and increase comfort and support when lying in bed. Unlike a conventional mattress which may come in levels such as “soft,” “medium,” or “hard,” a waterbed will have a fixed degree of movement and variable firmness so you can adjust it as your needs change. Additionally, one of the unique benefits of waterbeds is their ability to contour the entire body, thus placing no pressure on your back and spine."

"When sleeping on our Aquafoam™ waterbed mattresses, there is absolutely no pressure on any part of your body, as the water naturally contours, achieving full-body support...When sleeping on an ordinary mattress that is rock-solid or soft and sagging, you have curvature of the spine resulting in pressure, typically in the shoulder and hip regions."

So, I gave waterbeds a try

From the research and trying out the modern waterbed, I decided to purchase an Aquafoam waterbed. It has been a great decision.  I do not overheat when I am sleeping.  You can control the heat on the waterbed (I choose to leave it unplugged, which means the water will remain at room temperature).

My back is feeling much better from sleeping on a waterbed.  It conforms to my body and allows me to sleep on all sides.

I am getting a better night's sleep, which is probably the best thing I could ask for.

How’s your sleep going?

Always consult your medical practitioner before purchasing for medical reasons.

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