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Sleeping with Atopic Dermatitis

I vacuum my sheets every night before I go to bed but my sheets get super flaky overnight, and I tend to lose a lot of sleep. Wondering if anyone has some suggestions for me and other people like me? 😀

  1. - This is something that many of us in the community can relate to. In my experience, I found that if I keep my bedroom at a moderate temperature (I have a humidifier), put a nice relaxing noise effect on my phone (rain/stormy sounds), and a nice warm drink before bed, it gives me the best chance to get a good night's rest. Doesn't always work but it's lovely when it does! I hope things improve quickly for you.

    1. drinking chamomile lavender tea helps me. Ginger root tea helps some. I have noticed I have to use a thin cotton sheet. Any amount of extra warmth makes the pain worse.

    2. Ginger full stop is amazing! I have every day in my smoothies. It acts as a natural antihistamine.

  2. Hope you have been doing a bit better. A while back I wrote an article that mentions red light therapy and a weighted blanket -- I know that some have found that red light therapy helps their skin heal. I quite like mine (when I take the time to use it). I also think the weighted blanket could help with anxiety.

    1. Yes I can definitely relate. No matter how still I would've slept, I would wake up to a pile of flaky skin. One thing that I realized that my skin was irritated by the fabric of the comforter. Also, I have a humidifier I use in my room as well. I changed the lotion, took shorter showers, the prescriptions my dermatologist suggested from ointments to receiving light treatment which ultimately helped my skin. I hope this helps and happy healing!

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