A person raises their arms up in a zombie like fashion with mummy gauze wraps around their eczema.

Halloween is Near and I Already Look Like a Zombie!

Last updated: October 2022

Sometimes you've got to laugh. Otherwise, you cry! The Halloween season is near, and I'm already looking the part! Since the summer faded out and we entered the fall, my skin and general health have taken a bit of a dip. I tried everything to prevent this from happening; eating pretty clean, sheltering my skin from the harsh weather, avoiding being outside for too long, and extra moisturizing. You name it, I've tried it, but it's a bit like trying to stop water from leaking from a sieve. Eczema has a way of finding its way through no matter what you do. It really is disheartening.

What does my skin look like?

Well, due to the change in temperature and air quality, my skin has gone from a nice glowing, healthy color to an ashen, zombie-like grey. My skin has cuts and the usual dry, flaky look. It is the sort of look that, unless you were knowledgeable about eczema, a person might look at me and think, "He does not look well." Another good example of what I currently look like...if anyone has ever watched those zombie films where someone has been bitten by one, and an hour later, they start tuning into one. That's me, kids!

How do I feel?

I feel tired; I look tired and drained. Not sleeping too well has something to do with it, no doubt, but that sleep deprivation is due to my body fighting an infection. I am kept awake with constant itching, and my blocked nose is really driving me mental. My asthma seems to be worsening too. And I am finding it difficult to manage right now. It's darkly amusing to think that if I was a dog, I might be put down.

How am I dealing with my eczema?

Pretty badly, to be perfectly honest. I have retreated back into my shell. I am cutting myself off from friends and loved ones until I can get some kind of grip on this. As I said earlier, because I had tried everything to prevent this from coming on, I am so annoyed that I have thrown caution to the wind and started eating anything I want. It's like I am rewarding myself for being good over the last few months by eating badly now. What is good to know is that I am not alone in my struggle.

Does hearing others' stories help?

A few nights ago, I joined a call on Instagram with a few of our fellow eczema warriors, and just hearing people's experiences and the struggles of others is strangely comforting. I know the community will know what I am going through here, as I suspect they have all been there. Listening to other people's stories makes you feel that things could be much worse too. Oh well, it's a case of turning up the music and blocking everything out. It is going to be tough for the next three months or so. It's time to strap in tight, set the dials to 'winter' mode and hold on tight.

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