Stop My Daughter's Itches

My daughter's story..

From birth it started as being born with orange colored skin. I asked the doctor about if this was normal. THEN I KNEW I WAS IN FOR A BIG ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. As soon as I brought her home, her eyes were tearing. She had outbreaks and never slept through the night. I used to bring her out and she would be bothered by sun exposure. She had red bumps all over her body.

Seeing the pediatrician and allergist

I requested from her pediatrician to see specially they thought it was regular eczema not my case..soon allergist saw her gave me lotion that was like silicon treatment but that was only for her body, not her face. I had to use different products plus use regular moisturizer for her skin, plus 3 types of liquid allergy meds asthma pump moleskucast for night time with hydroxyzine for itchiness at night.

Severe reactions to environmental allergens

It took her over 2 years to clear up, but still to this day if she goes anywhere outside she will have inflammation and a reaction where she blows up and has an asthma attack or even stops breathing. During her skin disorder, the allergens attack her immune disorder. Inflammation starts in blood stream to come to the surface of skin. It drives her crazy with itching from environmental allergies, which include sun exposure, grass, trees, pollen, ragweed, mold, dust mites, bugs, mice, anything outside in the environment. Being inside is hard for her.

Changing her clothing, soaps and dishes

It is a fight to not be itchy throughout the night. As a mother I had to be her caretaker, changing her clothes to 100% cotton and using all different soaps. I even changed our cooking dishes to glass since I found out she's allergic to metal.

I'm exhausted and worried

Now as parent we should sleep but I haven't since birth I'm overtired. My eyes burn from lack of sleep, but I manage if she cries out at 2am, 3am, 4am. I'm up 24 hours a day. School is approaching next year as she will be in kindergarten. I don't know what to do... gym she can't play or else she will overheat and have break outs or an attack outside so that is a no no.

Eczema challenges for parents

So what is parent caretaker to do? 10 minutes in bath tub is a challenge. You name it, I have tried it, even drying her with towel is challenge. Nobody knows what u go through in this disease's challenges. Every case is so different than the next person. She is 4 years and it feels like forever. I teach her what she needs especially when going out, we carry our medicine bag every time. We don't take chances at all with her health.

Thank you

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