We Know Eczema All Too Well in This Family

Hi my name is Ashley. I feel like I could write a book on Eczema as I have had this my whole life. In and out of some of the best hospitals as a child, and now at 37 years old it seems to be at bay. I have to keep my fingernails so short, limit my milk intake and keep my legs shaved. I have learned certain triggers and especially keep the fingernails short.

My twins have eczema, allergies and asthma like me

I have 3 children. Twin boys and a little girl. My little girl was spared everything. No allergies, no eczema nothing. My twins are walking pictures of me. One with severe allergies and asthma like myself because I have all 3, and the other with the worst eczema ever!!!!!

How we manage our eczema

Our best friend is hot bleach baths, sometimes Aveeno, Atarax and limiting dairy intake. Summer time is not our friend as the article stated it’s so hot and we all become irritable quickly. Fall is our favorite time of year!

Our allergies and triggers

Pollen is awful for us and we all 3 have the allergic shiners now. Both boys are highly allergic to peanuts and we all are allergic to seafood, particularly shellfish. We have to sleep with the fan on high every night, cotton pajamas head to toe. Gotta grease up well before bed, after bath. Sorry, just rambling but it’s something we know all too well.

Does anyone in your family have eczema?

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