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Parents and Caregivers

4 yr old with Eczema

  • By Shepspop

    Kiddo gets dry scaly skin and his cheeks turn red if we don’t constantly put lotion and cortisone oinment all over him. His mom drops the ball routinely, especially when she taked him to see her hippie parents for a week here and there. Anyhow I’m wondering what the general opinion on using cortisone ointment at bed and in the am before daycare 3-5 / wk. Is this going to be a life long deal? Almost 4 yrs.old and it seems like it is. Is using cortisone over time going to cause thinning of the epidermis or other problems? What can i do to minimize the use of cortisone? Typical trigger for these episodes of scaly skin is mom taking kiddo to her parents and then swimming in a pool with too much chlorine for 3 or more days and then as mentioned completely flagginng on the maintenance. So given that she’s going to continue doing things the wrong way, I’m all ears on how best to treat the fallout.