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Finding what’s best for my skin

  • By sev1028

    I am in desperate need of help dealing with my atopic dermatitis.

    A little back story: I have had it my whole life and have been able to keep it under control very well even with having horrible allergies and I had the perfect foundation etc. for my skin. I recently had my second child and my skin has made a complete 360! I developed cystic acne, I have never even had a hint of acne in my life so I really don’t know what how to treat it without irritating my skin. My dr reconvened acctuane but I absolutely refuse to take it!! the medications and topical I use dry my skin out like crazy! I’m currently using elidel and I’m pretty sure it’s causing Milia all over my face. I have no clue how to get rid of it because I don’t know what kind of face products would be best for my skin.

    What kind of products work best for you from exfoliation all the way to make up? I need a new everyday routine that will help me with all of these areas!