Ask the Advocate: Skin Care Routine Must Have's

This article is part of an “Ask the Advocate” series. Our amazing group of atopic dermatitis advocates answered a few questions to share their thoughts and tips with the community.

What is one part of your skin care routine that you couldn’t live without?

Bathing & moisturizing

Advocate Jeff Illusration

Jeff: I don’t have to think twice about the answer to this question. I could not live without my bathing and moisturizing regimen. On the days that I experience my most severe eczema flares, this routine helps to make my skin feel tolerable—at least for a short period of time. At a minimum, I know that by completing this task that I’m setting my skin up for success in the hours and days to come.

Vaseline petroleum jelly & emu oil lip balm

Advocate Harrison Illusration

Harrison: Skincare routine depends on severity of eczema.

When I was at my low, every morning I would wake up, spend at least 30 minutes to apply three layers of Vaseline lotion and petroleum jelly all over my body to prevent flaky skin. It was necessary for social reasons and personal comfort.

Gradually as my eczema turned better, I brought a small jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly anywhere I went, and also an emu oil lip balm with me for dry lips. I apply them whenever the itches and dryness became serious.

In all cases, the most comfortable and also uncomfortable time of the day might possibly be the shower. Painful for itches. But taking an ice-cold shower feels amazing to numb the itches. Stepping out and resting on the bed also feels amazing.

My two cents:

Stick with something easy with fewer artificial chemicals to avoid dependence, and bring it wherever you go.

The struggle with eczema is never easy. It is never a sprint but a marathon. Even the quickest recovery will take several months and up to a year. As the cliche goes, patience will pave the way!

Rosewater hydrosol toner spray

Advocate Terry Illusration

Terry: Having pure organic rosewater hydrosol/toner spray. For the past 3 weeks, I have tried to live without it in my skincare routine and not having it has made my skin more prone to getting super dry, flaking and peeling than when I do have it. I took it for granted and underestimated the power of having a hydrating facial spray before applying skincare products. I find that hydrating my skin with a hydrosol like rosewater preps my skin very well to absorb the moisturizers that I put on top afterward.

Rosewater is also naturally ph-balancing for the skin which is great for preventing bacterial infection or creating an environment on the skin that makes it easy for foreign bacteria to compromise your skin and feel itchy from infection as a result.

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