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Nothing works

  • By michele


    I developed atopic dermatitis on my face, neck, and back 2 years ago. I have tried Protopic 3 and 10 elilise and cortisone creme. Nothing works. My face is swollen, red, burning, and sore these days. I am trying Desitin diaper rash creme. Who knows if that will work. I know an ointment with pure tar works. Tar seems to heal the skin but I can’t find any. Please help this is awful. I never had acne or anything before and now here I am. Yuck, hate this.

  • By sarah.wallin Keymaster

    Hi @michele it’s really difficult to have atopic dermatitis in all of those places. It can be a grueling process to find what works when you’re suffering, and it sounds like you’re trying all you can. Your post reminds me of this post from @lilmary, which you might be able to relate to ( Have you been able to consult your doctor about your symptoms? He or she may be able to guide you in the treatment process for your skin.

    We do have an article with some product recommendations that you might find helpful:

    Do keep us posted on how you’re feeling. Many other people here know just how frustrating this all can be, so you are certainly not alone.

    Take care,
    Sarah ( Team Member)