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Stepping Off The Pedestal Of Perfection

Who really needs "perfection" to be happy? It may be a nice inspirational state to strive for, but is it realistic to expect to ever reach it? Much less every day? Much less despite the unpredictable chaos that is life, humanity, and living with chronic illness?

Are we trying to do too much?

The times have changed through the decades, and so has our access to information and awareness of different ways to live healthy lives. The checklist seems to keep growing with more and more options, whether it is waking up at 5 am to conquer the day to the various diet fads that pop up every decade, more or less. But with so many options and more information coming out on a daily basis for how to improve our health and be successful, fulfilled human beings, do we have to do it all to accept ourselves and our lives? Or is it okay to do what is good enough?

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Can we make life any easier?

Teresa challenges the need for such high-pressure standards in real life and to see if we can make life easier and more pleasant while we are on our healing journey.

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