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@melodybarker, that has got to be so difficult seeing your daughter’s asthma pump changing to higher levels of meds… she is such a trooper. How has she been doing? I hope the fall brings some relief for you both. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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My story began when I was 3, so my mother told me. (I remember from the age of 4-5.) At any rate, it’s been 60 plus years that I have endured this inconvenience.

Self conscious from school days to adulthood
As […]

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YESSS absolutely, woman!! This is exactly how we view it for some reason- eczema is our entire LIFE so of course we view it as this huge thing. It’s like when a teenager gets a pimple for the first time and they feel that their life is over. Same with us(except more itchy lol) because we have to think about our eczema SO MUCH and deal with it SO M…

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Hey Linette! So I actually use all of those in my hair routine, but never tried them on my scalp until recently! I wrote an article about it which should be coming out in the next few days – week!! I’m super excited about it because it literally feels like heaven! Wishing you the best! Xxx – Shawn, Team Member

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Hi @linetteroungchun, great question! One frustrating aspect of eczema that we hear over and over again is how unpredictable it can be. It can feel defeating and disappointing to have a small irritated patch again after skin has cleared. I’m sharing with you an article by @shawnbethea, 3 Things to Stop Doing Immediately:…

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Great article @jeff10broeck ! With ice or ice packs, I’ve noticed that if you put them right on your core, your entire body cools down so much faster! Just makes sense, obviously, since it’s your core lol.

Also I would just mention one more thing when heading out to a body of water- so many of us with eczema have a compromised immune sys…