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Atopic Dermatitis vs braces

Hi all! I'm writing here hoping that maybe someone knows a solution to my problem.

I've head atopic dermatitis for a couple of years (it started when I was already an adult). I had a skin patch test done 5 years ago and it didn't show an allergy to nickel, neither to any other metal that was tested.

A couple of months ago I started wearing braces. Around that time my eczema started getting much worse all over my body, spreading in places I didn't usually have any rashes on, and even though I use steroids they don't help for long (though I must say I didn't use them for a while at the beginning and at that time the rash spread, so maybe this is the reason). I started thinking that maybe the braces are the problem but I don't know how to check it. I'm going to have those patch tests done again but I wonder if they can confirm anything? Even if I had a nickel allergy, shouldn't I get the rash anytime I wear jewelry, or shouldn't the allergic reaction appear around my braces? If not, and if that allergy can cause rashes all over the body, how will the patch tests confirm the allergy, since in that case it's not a contact allergy? Or maybe it's a different element that causes the eczema? I don't know if it matters but I seem to have an allergy to something in nail polish, maybe it's connected in some way? This one doesn't cause a rash around my fingers but around my eyes, for a change.

I'm sorry for a long post but I'm really desperate and I'm trying to look for help everywhere. Maybe someone had a similar situation or has any knowledge as of what I can do to or how it all works. So far nobody managed to explain it to me.

Have a great evening/day 😀

  1. It's curious that your eczema flared up after getting braces, even without a known metal allergy. Sometimes, our bodies react in unexpected ways, not just where the metal touches, but elsewhere too.

    If you're thinking the braces might be the culprit, it's worth getting those patch tests done again. Our bodies change, and what didn't bug us before might start causing issues now. Plus, it's not just about the metal; other parts of the braces could be stirring things up.

    From personal experience, tackling atopic dermatitis is all about connecting the dots and finding what works for you, with a little help from your docs, of course.

    1. Hi, I can only share my personal experience, and I never tested positive for any nickel allergy many years ago during my entire eczema journey. Yet, I still replaced all my fillings in my mouth, didn't wear jewlery, etc. just in case. None of it seemed to ever help though. Many years later, I did find out in my case it was the use of topical steroids, and had to go through topical steroid withdrawal. I can't say if this is the case for you, but just wanted to share and let you know you are not alone. Sending you lots of love. -Nina ( Team Member)

      1. Hi Agnes, I can see that this is so frustrating for you. I've never heard of this connection between braces and dermatitis before. The really annoying thing about allergies is that they can come on at any stage of life. I had patch testing done years ago and I found it helpful only from a dietary point of view. But that's just me! Obviously you have to keep investigating and I wish you all the best. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful - Pete, Moderator

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