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covid-19 vaccine booster

Has anyone received there covid-19 booster yet?

I am thinking about receiving it when it is my turn. Although, when I had my second dose of the vaccine I got extremely tired and itchy for a few days. Then it went away.

  1. , I’ll definitely get the booster when it’s available. Anything I can do to stop this virus is worth the minor side effects. Good question, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. , I had only a sore arm and tremendous fatigue after the second dose. I haven’t heard of any side effects after the booster, but they’ve just started. Have you heard of any?

    2. I haven't heard either yet with the booster. I am assuming since it is so new that nothing is really out there yet. I'm sure we will be okay.
      Happy Tuesday!

  2. I will get the Covid -19 booster when I am eligible. I too had reactions to my first two vaccines, however itchy, tired and feeling out of sorts for a few days sure beats having Covid-19 and all the possible reactions from that. For myself the risk of Covid-19 and all that could happen is much worse than the reaction to a booster shot.

    1. Yes, that so true. I had the same experience didn't feel well the second dose but i'm sure it could've gotten worse if I had not received the vaccine. Have a good day! 😀

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